How could anyone do this?


To the editor:

How anyone do this? One of the oldest, if not the oldest Black Cemeteries in Chester County has been vandalized.

For about 150 years, our loved ones have been able to Rest in Peace in the Trice’s Chapel CME Church Cemetery. Now several of the oldest tomb stones have been overturned or broken, temporary name markers and flower holders moved to other graves, etc. The tomb stones are all from the from the 1890’s meaning that the individuals were likely former slaves. Why, after all these years, cannot they finally rest in peace?

The Trice’s Chapel CME Church closed about 25 years ago but many of us have worked hard to maintain the cemetery to honor our loved ones and the loved ones of many others who are buried there. Sunday, May 19, will be Decoration Day for the cemetery. I will be there to place flowers on the graves of my parents, grandparents and many others. I am sure that many others will be there to honor the final resting place for their loved ones as well.

The Sheriff’s office is investigating this unbelievable act of hate. I ask that each of you pray that whoever is doing this will be quickly brought to justice.

Paul D. Barnes

Smyrna, Ga.



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