Letter To The Editor: Thank You from the Library


Dear Editor,

Recently, the Chester County Library held an Open House to celebrate 20 years at our current location and to showcase our new carpet that was installed in December. We were very pleased with the turn-out, and we are appreciative of everyone who came to help us celebrate such a momentous occasion.

This event could not have been possible without the work of the Chester County Library Board. Often, when I go to meetings at our regional library, I hear horror stories about other library boards and how members have their own agenda that they want to push through – whether it is good for the library and community or not. Our library board’s only agenda is to make our library better. They are supportive and easy to work with; plus, they have some great ideas about how to make our library a better place for our residents to enjoy.

Current board members are Ron Elder, Chairman; Melinda Carroll, Vice-Chairman; Dorothy Davis, Secretary; Jean Smith; Dr. Larry Bloomingburg; Dr. Sara Knoell; Beverly Morton; Mike Alexander, County Commission representative; and Donna Butler, city representative. If you see them on the street, thank them for what they do for our library.


Nancy Canada, Chester County Library Director



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