Letters To The Editor: Southern P.R.E.P. Academy continues teaching children


Dear Editor,

Southern P.R.E.P. Academy was founded in 1999 under the name WeeCare Preschool and has been governed by Christ Community Pentecostal Church (CCPC). CCPC built and maintained the preschool for approximately 20 years, providing support and service to the Henderson community and establishing a history of excellence and goodwill. Through the years it transitioned from childcare only to offering the utmost academic environment possible. We are bridging the gap between Preschool and Kindergarten to prepare our students to build a solid foundation in Kindergarten as to give them a successful academic career. CCPC has generously overseen our preschool from the beginning but has given us the opportunity to become our own non-profit organization. This will open doors to do things that were previously limited.

We are currently the only Three-Star rated center in Henderson, meaning that we have gone above and beyond the expectations for childcare, including hiring teachers who hold Associates degrees or have at least 10 years of childcare experience. We also are the only center in Henderson to participate in Step Up, which allows government assistance to families that qualify for the program. Because we participate in this program we are able to accept children from all incomes. Currently, we are the only Pre-K program that is not income-based. We serve approximately 35 children but have plans to serve up to 100. We are a non-profit agency and rely on fundraisers to provide income for our center.

Even with our doors open, there still are limited childcare options for working parents in our community. Because of Southern Prep Academy, many parents can continue to work knowing that their children are in good hands and receiving the best education.

For more information about Southern Prep Academy, contact the school at 983-3344.


Stacey Ingold



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