Thank you to HPD


Dear Editor,

Upon returning home to Henderson Saturday afternoon, I saw a three-quarter grown kitten that had been run over and had died lying on the street just before my driveway.

Having no one around to ask to pick it up off the street and knowing that I did not have the heart to do it myself, I called the Henderson Police Department and related the location of the dead kitten to them. I asked what department I should call, probably on Monday, to have it removed.

The dispatcher replied, “We will take care of it, ma’am.” I was surprised and so relieved to know it would soon be taken off of our street.

I turned on a police scanner to hear when an officer was dispatched to Sand Ave. Soon, a message was given to one of the officers: “When you have time, would you take care of a public service?”

About 15 minutes later, I heard an officer say on the scanner, “The situation has been taken care of,” followed by, “10–4,” from the dispatcher. I looked out my window, and the kitten was no longer lying on the street.

I very much appreciate the Henderson Police Department for taking care of this for me; even small things such as this are important to them.

Thank you, Henderson Police, for your kind public service and for handling it so discretely on the radio.


June Patterson


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