My view: Coffee


That first cup of coffee is always the best. I like to make a pot of coffee first thing in the morning. Not only does it help wake me up but it gives us an opportunity to discuss what lies ahead for the day.
The cup that I use should not make a difference, but I normally choose the one that Lisa brought to me from the Air Force Museum that has the picture of the Memphis Belle on the side.
This morning I have one from New Hampshire, a state we have driven through when we stayed in Vermont but have never really stayed in. It is on the bucket list. I like coffee cups that say something about places we visit. We have this huge one with a saying about Lake Michigan that we got in July at Navy Pier in Chicago.
These cups, especially the one from Lake Michigan, are larger than normal cups, so we get more than the one cup when we fill them up. Our 10-cup coffee maker becomes a five-cup when we fill up these cups. That gives us two apiece and a refill on one. When the pot is empty discussion is over and out the door we go.
I like “high-test” coffee (regular in lieu of decaf). Decaf may be better for us but then it just may not be. How do they take the caffeine out of the coffee bean? Does that process make it worse or better?
We learned to drink our coffee black. The French vanilla creamer we once used is delicious. Not only do we save a few calories without the creamer, but the cup of coffee stays hot longer. That hot liquid feels great going down the pipe.
Jokingly we say that the bible indicates that it is the man’s job to make the coffee, coming from the 19th book of the New Testament “Hebrews”.
In reality it is me that likes to get up first and watch the new morning break so it is out of selfishness that I throw on the coffee. As I write this I am about to finish the second cup. There is some left in the pot (rare) but Lisa had to take hers to go as she had an early appointment. So here I go to turn off the coffee maker and head into the office.