Volleyball season comes to a close in district semi-finals

Chester County students cheered on the volleyball team as they played against McNairy last Tuesday night. (photos by Suzanne McCarver)

By Kendall Patterson
Staff Writer

On Tuesday Oct. 8, the Chester County Eagles Volleyball team’s season came to an end after a close game in the district semifinals against McNairy.
Chester County won the first set 25-20 but lost two sets consecutively afterwards. The second set had the audience on the edge of their seats as the score was going back and forth but the Eagles could not seal it. Even though they lost the third set, they made a huge comeback after being down the whole set until they tied it at 21, and at one point even got ahead, but lost the set 27-25.
They were able to win the fourth set 25-16, which forced the game into a fifth set, but they could not pull it off and lost 15-11.
“We played hard. We just couldn’t get over that hump. It’s heartbreaking when you get so close and you can’t go ahead and push it.” Coach Susan Humphry said. “I was proud of how hard they worked though. They played with their heart and that’s all I can ask for.”
Humphry said that now that the season is over, she and the girls are sort of lost since they will not be dedicating the end of their school days at volleyball practice and just spending time with each other in general.
“It’s always a shock to the system when the season is over,” she said. “You feel kind of lost until you can figure out how to manage that time.”

Kara Pipkin sets the ball for one of her teammates to hit over the net.