News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


Patsy Nobles Jones

“Our beloved leaves an indelible lasting imprint in our memories.”
Our community expresses deep sympathy for the loss of Cousin Julia Mae Morris McCoy (7-21-51 to 10-22-19), daughter of John and Ruth Nobles Morris. Ruth was a former Chester County Tax Assessor, wife of Jerry McCoy (formerly M & M Trucking) and sibling to twin, Judy Sweat and siblings, Linda Dowdy, Vickie Morris and Johnny Morris. Julia was a 1969 graduate of CCHS and sadly missed at our 50th reunion on Sept. 28 – burial at Unity; Donald A. Newman (5-17-49 to 10-25-19) from Class of 1967, son of late Quinton and Lois Conder, dad of Hunter and Taylor; granddad to Harley; sibling to Jason Newman, Madga Young and the late Betsy Beshires – Memorial Nov. 27 at 1 p.m.; Guy Neal Coady (9-22-30 to 10-26-19), son of Guy and Lela Ross Coady, husband of Jean Wallace, dad to Susan Skelton, James Neal and David Wallace Coady and sibling to Janice Goodwin and the late Joe (1935 to 2017), Mary Lou Coady (1939 to 1939) and Bobby Coady (1940 to 2015) – burial at Unity; Wanda Lou Brittain Pickett (2-6-46 to 10-27-19) – graveside service Nov. 2 at 11 p.m. – Sweetlips; and Jeffrey Holder (11-1-56 to 10-28-19), son of the late J.T. Holder (1936 to 2015) and Bonnie Pinkley Holder (1936 to 9-3-2019), dad to late Chris Holder; husband of Phyllis, brother of Cheryl Goodman, Lesa Faultner and Stacy Holder – New Friendship
Prayer requested for Cousin Andy Maness, 89, in recovery and surrounded by Doris and families; Cousin Emmitt Maness, age three and a half; and Cousin Sheila Elder Cox, recovering in Nashville. Also, tenderly remember my special friend, “Aunt” Jimmie McAdams (11-1-17) – missed greatly – mother substitute with loving arms and sweet kisses.
Happy belated birthday to Lance Bailey who shares Oct. 20 with Candy Thompson Falls. Candy spent her b-day with her mother, Geralene Thompson, by carrying sausage cheese biscuits and coffee to the healthcare – special memory for both, and happy birthday to classmates, Guy Wright born on “Boo Day” (Oct. 31) and Sherry Tucker Maxedon (Nov. 1). Neither came to the 50th class reunion – they were missed, but they are still age 68! It seems like Clyde Patterson was born Oct. 31 – he is missed, but his son, Tommy Patterson looks like him, so that is nice. Clyde’s mother, Mary, obviously liked holidays. Her son, Pete, was born Dec. 25 – isn’t that fun for the family?
Bye-bye to lots of daylight. We will have sunsets earlier Nov. 3 – hint: turn your clock to “fall back” time.
Jacks Creek Fire Department appreciate all who gave time, energy and support to the JCFD. About 150 gallons were sold using many veggies, 85 pounds of beef and 70 pounds of chicken. Expenses have not been counted. All extra donations are greatly appreciated. Monthly bills continue, and equipment needs repaired, replaced or updated. Our insurance is lower due to this fire department. Thank you greatly for supporting our local station. We always need younger firemen to help.
Freed-Hardeman Associates need to be praised for long hours of constant work getting ready for the four-day sale event. The money is used for FHU scholarships. They are loyal to the end. God bless them for their Christian dedication. We receive many good items at a fair price. Thank Tennessee National Guard for allowing us the protective use of their large building. Pray, stay and work together is an excellent plan!
Oct. 29, 2005 – Cat National Day was established as a day of awareness to raise attention to homeless cats. Cat lovers celebrate unconditional love and companionship. Friends, Donna Rhodes and Jerry (Betty) Newman capture feral cats for spay/neuter and release them with a nearby home and constant food. “It’s not the cat who needs his head examined.”
PETA announced that Macy’s will stop selling fur by 2020. Designers Burberry, Chanel, Gucci, Prada and Versace are dropping fur. There will be no Canada goose fur-trimmed jackets in Bloomingdales or Macy’s. Finally, animals are receiving respect as God created them, but many more need help.
Phyllis McEarl, my childhood friend, is a great-grandmother. Amelia Jewell was a six-pounder born on Oct. 19, which happen to be Phil’s 68th birthday. Amelia’s grandmother, Laura’s, birthday was Oct. 17. They all live in Pennsylvania. I miss Phil; she petted me – now she’ll pet the OTHER baby!
Tidbits: Vietnam War (11-1-1955 to 4-30-1975). The Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. (58,152 names etched in granite).

“We’ll say bye for now, and we love you.”Harry Brown, WWII Veteran