Henderson City board approves repairs to maintenance shop roof

Donald Britt speaks to the board regarding concerns at two properties owned within the city limits.

By Tiffany Young
Staff Writer

City board approves repairs to maint. shop roof
The Henderson Board of Mayor and Aldermen met Thursday in a regularly scheduled session meeting. Alderwoman Donna Butler and Alderman Buel Maness were absent, with four aldermen and Mayor Bobby King present.
During the Delegations portion of the meeting, Ben Arnold, CCHS Senior Class Secretary, spoke to the board regarding Project Graduation. Project Graduation is an event held after the senior class graduation ceremony in May, where graduates get to have fun, eat food, and play games to celebrate. Arnold stated, in part, “…It’s the last time that we all get to have fun together as a class… Any money would be greatly appreciated. With your donation, you’ll help us have a fun, safe, supervised environment for our last time together as a class.” The board voted to donate $500 to the Project Graduation cause.
Next, also during the Delegations portion of the meeting, Donald Britt approached the board regarding two properties he owns within the city limits. He stated that he was notified by the utility department that his property at 222 Church St. had a leak, but he could not locate a leak. It was later discovered that his water line runs under another property, and the leak was located there. Britt asked the board to remove the $226.76 owed on his account due to this. It was stated that the bill had already been adjusted by a total of $450.77. The board agreed that they could not vote on authorizing any additional adjustments, stating that personal water lines are the responsibility of the property owner.
Britt also spoke to the board about his property at 503 Crook Ave. He stated that he has not had utilities turned on at this property in two years, but he had recently been told that there was water running out from under the house. He concluded that his water is hooked up to the meter at the property behind his house. After asking what could be done about this, the board stated that Britt could speak to the utility department about doing more research regarding this issue.
Next, the board discussed and considered the purchase of a natural gas odorant tester for $4,800. It was stated that the old unit had become obsolete, creating a need for a new unit to be purchased. The board voted unanimously, with a voice vote, to approve the purchase.
Also, on Thursday, the board discussed repairs to the roof of the office area of the City Maintenance Shop. The price for the job, quoted from E&T Contracting, was for $5,618. The board agreed to also include adding a ten-year warranty on the job for an extra $1,000. With a voice vote, the board voted to approve the repairs and the warranty.
A few other updates were given at the meeting, including a statement from Henderson Police Chief Gary Davidson, commending his department regarding a drug case in the city. Thanks to the hard work of the police department and sheriff’s department, they were able to recently remove drugs, including ecstasy and black tar heroin, off the streets.
Lastly, concerned citizen Bonnie Deschler approached the board regarding the proper route to take if structures are falling on personal property. Deschler also inquired about laws pertaining to pets in the city limits. She was directed to the appropriate personnel, who should be able to assist her on these questions.
The next Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Dec. 12.