Sunrise By David Coy: Holiday Blues

David Coy

By David Coy

We are in a season of traditions and customs of yesterday, today and tomorrow – where today is our tomorrow of yesterday and tomorrow is what we choose to make it. That is the challenge, and many may feel anxiety due to this challenge. The expectations relating to customs and traditions we perceive from others during this holiday season may feel like a yoke. As the days pass, we may feel anxious and as if we are carrying a burden that grows heavier as each day brings the dreaded holiday closer and closer. Do we dread its arrival, or do we feel anticipation for the joyful time with loved ones who will look forward to our return this year?
Will we or should we carry on customs and traditions as have been done for years, or should we change the format to suit our changed life? Do we adjust our life to our traditions, or do we adjust our customs to our new life? Do we avoid our customs and portray ourselves as one who will no longer participate in previous traditions because it is just too painful? When there are family members who still expect and look forward to our involvement, I generally am one who takes the view of continuing customs where the holidays are concerned. Yet, options exist if changes are needed for peace of mind. Contemplate and communicate your ideas or plans to those affected.
This is Sunrise Aftercare,