Chester County students attend University of Tennessee RisingStar summit

Lillie McCarver and Riley Haltom

By: Kendall Patterson
Staff Writer

On Nov. 14-15 Senior Lillie McCarver and Junior Riley Haltom participated in the Ninth Annual RisingStar Youth Summit at UT Martin.
These students from Chester County High School were nominated and voted to attend the leadership opportunity by the teachers.
The faculty at the high school said these students are very dedicated students that always try their best.
Haltom’s AP Government teacher Chris Melton said “He’s one of the students that tries hard. He’s energetic. He’s knowledgeable, and he always gives great effort. He never halfway does something.”
McCarver’s College Statistics teacher Michael Showers said, “She’s top-knotch. She’s easily one the best students I had the pleasure of teaching.”
Both of the students rank in the top 10 percent of their class and do dual enrollment classes.
Haltom is involved in Beta, student council, the National English Honor Society and student health council. McCarver is involved in Beta, the Health Occupation Students of America, student council and the student health council.
At the summit, the students did workshops, listened to speakers and did activities that helped them build connections.
The summit was beneficial to Haltom for finding someone who wants to go into sports broadcasting like he does, and McCarver said that it helped her to get out of her shell.
“I found someone that wants to do the exact same thing that I want to do,” Haltom said. “ Out of all the different career options you find a lot of like-minded people.”
“It forced me to meet people, … and it can open a lot of doors that you wouldn’t have the opportunity to do.”
Haltom and McCarver are thankful for this opportunity.
“It really is just a big honor,” Haltom said.