Henderson Law enforcement offers safety tips to Chester County residents


As part of it’s Operaton “Here, There and Everywhere” the Henderson Police Department is offering holiday saftety and crime prevention tips.
Make sure all your homes doors and windows are locked.
Make sure around your home is well lit. Utilize timers or motion sensors. Lock your vehicle; rarely does a thief break out a window, most thefts from vehicles occur when the vehicle was left unlocked. Be aware of your surroundings. Take just a few extra seconds before getting out of your car, leaving your home, business or work place. Look around, if something doesn’t look right then wait about exiting.
Be a nosey neighbor, if you see someone or a vehicle you typically don’t see at your neighbors, call the police. After Christmas, do not put out large boxes or any other item that would show a thief you have just gotten expensive items in your home. Break down the boxes, or place in dark garbage bags. Never be afraid to call the police. We had much rather check something out than to investigate a crime later.