News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“When I’m lonely, I think of you and all that you brought to my life. Your memory rests gently on my soul.” – Adkins
Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Barbara “Annette” Nobles (5-15-45 to 9-29-19), died in Texas. She was married to Cousin Adron Nobles. Her children are Jimmie and Chris Rutledge and Anissa Moore. Kevin died earlier. Adron would come to Jacks Creek and ride his Nobles cousins on his Harley. Later, he brought his wife down to meet us. Don and I went up to spend two weekends in Illinois. They made our anniversary very special with a “Baked Alaska” cake with active sparklers in a nice restaurant. Annette and Anissa came down to spend nine nights with us. Amanda Shumate and Anissa became weekend pals. Annette’s sons were nice. We went to Shiloh Park. A butterfly was attracted to Kevin’s finger. He carefully carried it the entire afternoon, and upon returning to the car, he reluctantly set it free. I can picture Annette and Kevin holding a heavenly butterfly. “If you love something, set it fee. If it comes back, it’s yours. If it does not come back, it was never meant to be.”; Betty Colleen Whitman Ricketts (3-3-27 to 11-20-19), one of nine children and the last to leave this earth. Her son, James lives in Lexington – Cave Springs; Don Newman (5-17-49 to 10-25-19) from Class of 1967 – a memorial service Nov. 27; Hazel Virginia Shubert Pierce (1-25-35 to 11-18-19) was from Illinois and married Leonard Pierce. Her daughters are Gail (William) Stone and Jerilee Pierce – no service listed with Lawrence-Sorenson; and Robert Lee Freeman (5-20-23 to 11-19-10) from Class of 1940 was a proud veteran serving in U.S. Navy and Korean War. He was a faithful veteran (so happy he celebrated Veterans Day), good husband, nice neighbor and loving uncle and brother. Robert loved riding his three-wheeled cycle and keeping his lawn and garden in good shape. Plus, that feller could really hold his “boiled custard.” Thanks to Murdell Barker, his nieces, Judy Smith and Nancy Freeman and me (twice), he was happy with all he could drink. These coming holidays supply boiled custard. Please make a toast to a great guy, as you lift your glass and eyes toward heaven.
Prayers requested for Francis Ada, Luke Story, Jim Ruth, Sheila Cox, and Sharon Boothe’s aunt, Vonnie McCallum.
Jacks Creek is getting a new AT&T tower. It is straight across our drive-way. The men work hard and late hours. Thanks
“Southern” customs are so beautiful to me. As Mae Dell Chumney’s funeral processional passed Southwest TN EMC members working on lines, they did something so special. Each man took his hard hat off until the last car passed. Saying goodbye to a loved one is hard, but those men brought smiles and a spiritual lift to Mae Dell’s loved ones. It would have made Mae Dell smile timidly, but the respect shown to bereaved family will not be forgotten. Bless you. Beloved mother and son together again.
Toby and Cammy Connor’s giant spider was eaten by Mr. Tom Turkey. Now, he stands near the highway hearing about competition. Mr. Thanksgiving Turkey is located at Henderson Coop. You should see the size of that “tire.” He is definitely not exercising like Don Melton and Ricky Carroll. We eat vegetarian dressing, so Mr. Tom loves us.
Nov. 28 is a time to remember to be thankful for the beginning of this great country. Aren’t we blessed with “enough” if we work, save and plan wisely? This is the greatest country in the world. Would we want to live anywhere else? Those who will be experiencing these “first” two holidays in 2019 without their loved ones are in our hearts. Most important are soldiers away from home and family while on duty protecting us. Thank God for the U.S.A, the military and police and sheriff departments. We are blessed. Name five blessings as you celebrate Thanksgiving.
The event that Americans commonly call the “First Thanksgiving” was celebrated by Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in Oct. 1621. This feast lasted three days, and, as accounted by attendee Edward Winslow, it was attended by 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims.
We enjoyed our ride through a lighted-haven. I wanted to get out with a warm coat and sit on the sled at Henderson Courthouse. Beautifully designed decorations and multi-colored lights brighten our town. It truly brought a big smile and encourages me to put up a few lights. It takes planning, time, talent and bodily willpower to decorate. Many thanks to ones who brought much awe to our town. Christmas parade is Dec. 5 – both will put us into the Merry Christmas spirit. I hope WBBJ-TV will visit and show how beautiful a little town can be. Businesses are helping, too.
Jacks Creek Community Club “din-din” is at 6 p.m. Dec. 12. Drinks will be supplied, so bring your favorite dishes.
Tragic Australian forest fire has destroyed 80 percent of Koala bear habitat (5,000 acres). Some were trapped until volunteers went to rescue all they could. Koalas are slow, so they were suffering burns all over their bodies, ears and feet. Those going to the top of trees burn to death.
Tidbits: Oldest recorded person to live was Jeanne Calment, age 122 (2-21-1875 to 8-4-1997); bubble wrap in 1959 started out as wall paper; most common U.S. job is retail sales person; and the original White House phone number was simply “one”; 515,000 pounds of Morris (Pork) Meat Packing is recalled. Lots of useless hog deaths. Eat veggies, nuts and, of course, dessert!

“We’ll say bye for now: and we love you.”Harry Brown