Turkey Tales – Tips on cooking a turkey from the little chefs at Once Upon A Time Mothers’ Day Out Program

Juanita Waller is pictured teaching the Tuesday/Thursday class about Thanksgiving.

Luke, age 4 – Kill it, cook it, put it in the stove.
Ellie, age 5 – Kill it, cut off feathers, cut off head, cook it, eat it.
Jude, age 5 – Kill it, take out bones, cut off feathers, cut off wings, cut off head, cut off tail, take off skin, then eat it.
Braxton, age 4 – Take off skin, take off bones then cook it.
Tripp, age 3 – Take feathers off with scissors, put turkey in pan. Cook for five minutes. Eat after done.
Kip, age 3 – Get hot, cook ‘til five-o’clock. Put salt on turkey.
Sebastian, age 3 – Take feathers off with sword. Try to kill him, take blood away. Put in oven three minutes. I like to eat corn on turkey.
Ryder, age 2 – Cut feathers off with scissors. Put in pan, water him. Cook five minutes, cut him up. Eat with mustard.

Jayce Clayton and Deacon Stutts worked together to mix pumpkin pie-in-a-bag.
Clockwise, from left, Ellie Estes, Ryder Burkhead, Luke Parten and Jude Dawkins take a break from learning to share a special meal.