Ray Mullins’ bond reduced to $250,000

Ray Mullins appeared in general sessions court last week and his bond reduced from $1 million to $250,000.

Ray Mullins, 42, of Finger, appeared in Chester County General Sessions Court Nov. 26 with a request to lower bond.

He is charged with second degree murder after the Oct. 14 shooting death of girlfriend Samantha Melendez. His current bond was $500,000. His attorney, Daniel Taylor argued Mullins has lived in Henderson/Chester County throughout his life, and has made arrangements to take care of financial and other needs while he is incarcerated, in effect showing himself to be responsible. The state argued Mullins is a flight risk for the same reasons, stating that Mullins has made these arrangements and therefore is limiting ties to keep him in the area.

Bond was reduced to 250,000, which is the bond set when Mullins was originally charged. He continues to be held in the Chester County Jail.

A date has not yet been set for Mullins’ next court appearance.