Rescue Squad celebrates 45th Anniversary


On Dec. 2, the Chester County Rescue Squad celebrated its 45th anniversary of providing service to the Chester County community. Pictured: front row left to right: Richard Heismann, Thomas Gilham, Michael McPherson and Veronica Esparza. Back Row: Jeremy Malone, Rex Barnes, Dillon Faulkner, Cody Pierce, James Griswell, Renee Griswell, Lauren Newton, Larry Tomlin and Charles Graeser.

Rescue Squad member Renee Griswell was honored Monday night for her 15 years of service to the Chester County Rescue Squad. Pictured: Renee Griswell and Dillon Faulkner.

James Griswell was honored for being the “Chester County Rescue Squad Member of the Year” while Richard Heismann was given the Captain’s Award. Pictured: James Griswell and Dillon Faulkner and Richard Heismann.