News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“My mother is a never-ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness and being. I may sometimes forget the words, but I always remember the tune.” – Graycie Harmon
Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Carrie Michelle Taylor (7-26-69 to 11-17-19) – Henderson City; Bettye Jo Scott Steed (7-25-30 to 12-2-19), beloved mother of Dianne and Lorna and wife of Bill. I visited Bettye and Dianne in their home and was treated so graciously, but one buttermilk pie just was not enough. Mr. Bill was a friend of my daddy’s – Memphis Memorial Park; Rickey Monroe Hearn (11-6-55 to 12-5-19), daddy of Devon and James Hearn, former sweet students at Chester County Junior High School – New Home Baptist Church Cemetery; and Thelma Lee Pickens Hemby (1-14-44 to 12-8-19) – Memory Gardens.
Continued prayers for Sheila Cox; Karen Malone; Luke Story; Francis Ada; Murdell Barker; and Mary Curtis. Thinking of Eliza Harris; Golda Colbert; Janise McCall; Charles and Ruby Malone; Lee Nell King; Doris McKinnon; Phillips at healthcare; Imogene and Candy Fitts; Andy and Doris Maness; Joy Maness Whittaker; Terry and Doris Ross; Melbern Jones; Jim Ruth; Woody Deming; Genevie Holmes; Emma Ross; Frenzola Morris; and Harold James.
Tenderly remember Jacks Fitts (12-12-18); Robert Jones (12-17-17); Faye Ross (12-3-14); Wayne Moody (12-14-13); Zola Rowland (12-6-13); Steve Connor (12-7-13); Tim Hudson (12-17-12); Donnie Carroll (12-19-11); Kathryn Carroll (12-14-11); Betty Wynn (12-4-11); Jimmy Tuberville (12-13-10); Dennis Cagle (12-13-09); Betty Maness (12-1-08); Nick Ellis (12-11-97); Robbie Jones (12-9-99), Don’s mother; Camille McCall Bishop (12-7-81). “Not forgotten as long as a name is spoken or written.” – PNJ
Tenderly remember friends celebrating birthdays in heaven – Gene Morris (12-4); Beulah Nobles (12-5); and Lois Rhodes (12-6).
Friends joined us to watch the great parade from Mama Beck’s window with chairs lined up like a theater. We had snacks, but popcorn and hot cocoa were top treats. We appreciated participant’s ideas, planning, time and effort in agreeable weather.
Schools were dismissed at 2 p.m. due to one-inch snow on Nov. 14, 2018. Did WBBJ-TV say the word SNOW this week? I was up and saw very fine snow blowing eastward at 2:30 a.m. on Dec. 2, 2019! I dared not call a friend to say, “Look out the window!”
Jacks Creek Community Club invites friends to dine on homemade foods while waiting for the Bells to ring and sing at 6 p.m. Dec. 12.
Five animal tidbits: {1} Some scientists estimate koalas will be extinct in little as 30 years; {2} 70 percent of Sumatran elephants’ habitat has been destroyed in ONE generation! These elephants are “critically endangered.” Recently, a precious 40 year old Sumatran was hunted and killed by hacking his head off then his trunk – all this for ivory; {3} Sumatran rhinos ARE extinct. The last female died Nov. 25, 2019, and the last male died six months earlier. These uneducated people have killed ALL rhinos for their horns! In the U.S.A. we have a “horn of plenty.” What will be the future for these people? {4} By 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans – 100 BILLION single-use plastic bags are used daily – 25 TRILLION pieces of plastic debris in the oceans – 260 TONS float on surface suffocating sea creatures. Consider carrying reusable bags to help our oceans and its inhabitants; and {5} 90 percent of white rhinos were poached the last 10 years. Rhinos extinction directly impacts the demise of the others species of mammals, birds, insects, fish and plants. They play a big role in the ecosystem. God created every species for a purpose, and look what man is doing! Reread to really understand the seriousness of what animals are facing. They need us/we need them! Our earth is changing!
Six war tidbits: {1} 361 warplanes attacked Pearl Harbor and drew U.S.A. into World War II; {2} President Franklin Roosevelt made the “Infamy Speech” to a Joint Session of the U.S. Congress on Dec. 8, 1941; {3} Battle of Midway was an epic clash between the US Navy and the Imperial Japanese Navy on June 3, 1942; {4} Japan’s hopes of stopping the U.S.A. as a naval power turned the tide of WWII in the Pacific for the USA and Allies; {5}Japan lost 3,000 men, 300 aircraft, one heavy cruiser ship and four aircraft carriers in this battle, while the Americans lost the Yorktown and Hamman and 145 aircraft and 360 servicemen. This battle injected U.S. forces with confidence and drained Japanese morale; and {6} on Dec. 9, 1992, 1,800 U.S. Marines storm Mogadishu Somalia aimed at restoring order in the conflict-ridden country where thousands were starving to death; we returned home 1994.
Two history tidbits: {1} first person to sign Declaration of Independence was John Hancock; {2} only president to serve two non-consecutive terms was Grover Cleveland, 22nd and 24th U.S. President.
Western tidbits: {1} Leonard Slyde “Roy Rogers” was born in Ohio (11-5-1911 to 7-6-1998); {2} Trigger, Roy’s horse, learned 150 tricks on cue – he died 1965; {3} Frances Octavia Smith “Dale Evans” was born in Texas (10-31-12 to 2-7-01); {4} Buttermilk, Dale’s horse, died 1972 and; {5} Bullet, the intelligent German Shepherd, died 1957. Happy trails to you…till we meet again.
Thirteen days and counting for Santa

“We’ll say bye for now; and we love you.”Harry Brown