City of Henderson board honors fallen officer Dennis Cagle

Police Chief Gary Davidson presents Dennis Cagle’s wife, Judy Cagle, with his firearm that he used during his last night of service in which he sacrificed his life for the community.

During the December City Board meeting last week, the City of Henderson started the meeting with a Remembrance Ceremony of fallen police officer Dennis Cagle. During the ceremony the City of Henderson gave his wife, Judy Cagle, his firearm that he had the night of his last day of service.
Ten years ago, Dec. 10, 2009, Dennis Cagle sacrificed his life in service after responding to a robbery at a local grocery store that day. He passed away 3 days later from a gunshot wound.
Cagle served with the Henderson Police Department for 30 years.
“We can never thank him and his family enough,” Chief of Police Gary Davidson said. “We pledge to never let his memory fade.”
Cagle’s daughter, Sonya Young, appreciates how much the police department recognizes and remembers her father’s service to the community.
“They have been a very big support. They’ve been so good to us,” she said.
“We’re like family. They remember him.”
Later during the regular session of the meeting the city’s yearly audit had no reported findings.
The Mayor and Board of Aldermen will have a second reading in their next meeting of the passage of an ordinance setting the Mayor’s salary at $76,500; effective during September 2020.
The mayor’s salary can only be adjusted every four years as stipulated by the State Constitution and the City Charter.
In other business, the city discussed a donation that has been offered to build a splash pad splash. The city will have further discussion because the cost of maintenance might too expensive.