News from the Hickory Corner Community of Chester County


with Dot Patterson

President Nelson Weaver thanks everyone who came out and attended the Christmas party on Saturday night. We had a great crowd, as about 50 people were in attendance. Everyone enjoyed the wonderful food and fellowship. Following the meal, we all enjoyed listening to the beautiful singing of Christmas carols by the Bell twins, Frank and Kay. Thank you, Frank and Kay, for taking time out of your evening to perform for us. Judy Cranford was the winner of “Guess How Many Peppermints,” and Peggy Patterson won the Coca Cola/snack carton. Frank Bell and Abby Weaver won Mr. and Mrs. Santa, and Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph were Donnie Patterson and Judy Cranford. They all received a box of Russell Stover chocolates. Jolly old Santa made an appearance and handed out candy. Everyone loved playing bingo, and a lot of prizes were given out. It truly was a fun evening.
This week, Patsy Clayton shares a Christmas memory. She states, “1975 was a memorable Christmas for my family. A gift came to my parents in the form of a letter. The letter was sent to the family of Charles Crowe, who was the oldest child in my family. It was from Charles’ best friend Don Arndt, who lives in Adrian, Mo. Don addressed the letter to the family of Charles Crowe, Finger, TN, with the hope of someone in the family of David and Lura Crowe, my parents, would receive it. My parents shared the letter from Don with us right before Christmas dinner was served.
Don and Charles were drafted in the army and served in the Vietnam War together. They became best friends, sharing their lives and many family stories of each other’s lives back home and caring for and bonding with each other. In July 1966, my brother Charles received a wound that took his life, which was a tragic lost for our family and his friend Don. The 1975 letter forged friendships with the Charles Crowe family and Don Arndt family, which has become stronger with visits, phone calls and vacations with both Charles’ and Don’s families and many other veterans, who are known as the Wolfhounds, that we have met.”
Thank you, Patsy, for sharing your story. Don Arndt has written several books of stories from his time serving in the Vietnam War. The first, “See the Dragon,” includes the story of his friendship with Charlie Crowe and meeting his family. Arndt dedicated his second book, “Into The Dragon’s Roar,” to his good friend, Charlie Crowe (Patsy’s brother). I believe these would be good books to read.
Kenneth and Teresa Burkhead of Hickory Corner have their home and grounds decorated beautifully. Drive by in the evening and experience the beauty of Christmas.
Remember in prayer the sick and all those who have lost loved ones. God knows every problem and every need.
If you would like to rent the center or your special event, please call Nancy Patterson at 608-1159.
Call me at 989-3315 with any news you would like to share. One more week until Christmas, so I would like to hear from someone who is willing to share one last Christmas memory with us.
Have a holly and jolly week!