News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Hold your love – one in your memory, and find your loved one in your dreams.”
Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Jerry Howell (12-25-55 to 12-10-19), attended Chester County Schools, and some of his family lives in Henderson – children, Jeffery and Tiffany, plus siblings, Danny and Glenn and their mother, Clara Mae Henley Howell – Mt. Pleasant; Tina Marie Adkins (3-3-64 to 12-10-19), survived by two Henderson siblings, John Adkins, Jr. and Cindy (John) Napoli and brother from Florida, Shannon Adkins; Richard Kenneth Langendof (8-11-53 to 12-17-19) – Milledgeville; Terry Cox (died 12-19-19); and Jo Ann Grissom (Curtis) Wright (11-22-35 to 12-15-19) – Union Hill (found out too late to attend – Nobles and Wright were like family).
Prayer is requested for Jessie Hudson; Mrs. Roy (Betty) Morris; Ann Henson; Karen Malone; Lois Smith’s sister; and Judy Davis, who is better.
These seven friends would have an uplift with a card. 1. Joann Vancleve; 2. Murdell Barker; 3. Geralene Thompson; 4. Judy Jones Hample; 5. Keith Ross; 6. Melbern Jones; 7. Jim Ruth. Contact me for addresses. Jim said truck drivers found him from address and phone number printed and shared by friends. He had had calls from those drivers, and a couple went to visit him in Covington. Place these in your address book please. Include some of those in the nursing home. They can not get out to get you cards, but you can remember some. I remember one lady (Garner) who anxiously waited for mail-time – all her cards went taped to the closet door. She left them up for a long time. She reread all of them. It made me cry – a card from me was not up there. I did take her a gift, but cards are so special with those nice written added words. Oh, me…I promise to send some!
Jacks Creek Community Club had 50 folks ready to “Ho-Ho-Ho.” Rudolph’s friend started the show in darkness wearing a lighted reindeer top while Bell twins, Frank and Kay started the guests singing, “Here Comes Rudolph the red-nose reindeer”. Prayer was offered, guests were introduced and the reindeer trough was attacked! Not one person brought “Moose-tracks ice cream.” All the food was delicious, but the gelatin salad recipe needs to come to me! Please share – 989-7485.
Loving Paws Rescue Tidbits: Loving Paws is going on age 15 this coming year. Carol Preuso (Loving Paws Rescue) has placed almost 3,400 dogs and cats fully vetted in good homes where they are loved and appreciated. Do you UNDERSTAND this time, energy, traps, kennels, supplies, vet bills, auto expense and total cost to operate? I have asked before, so I will ask during the “giving” season. Will you send a check to Loving Paws – 2035 Brown Cemetery Road, Luray, TN 38352 – in honor or memory of your beloved pet or in memory of Dusty Rose as a gift to me? (I will be informed, so thank you in advance). Carol’s effort is priceless. Spay and neuter your animals as a gift to them. You eliminate a lot of issues for many – law enforcement, pounds, vets, rescues and the better health of your furry family. Do what is right. Untreated injuries, fleas, worms and mosquitos slowly kill your animals. If you can not be responsible, simply do not get a pet! “You have become responsible, forever, when you tame.”
World War II Hero tidbit – Dec. 15, 1993, the movie, Schindler’s List opened. A true story of one man, Oskar Schindler (4-28-1908 to 10-9-74) saving over 1,200 Polish Jews in WWII; Schindler also arranged for the transfer of as many as 3,000 Jewish women out of Auschwitz to small textiles plants in the Sudetenland in an effort to increase their chances of surviving the war. He was an industrialist, so he hired to protect and feed Jews well in his factory. When Nazis were going to shut down his operation, he bribed with nice gifts. By the near end of the war, Oskar had them safe, but it cost him his entire one million-dollar fortune. He filed for bankrupt, but those 1,200 Jews supported him until his death. “What comes around goes around.” Schindler’s grave is in Jerusalem. The Hebrew inscription reads: “Righteous Among the Nations”; the German inscription reads: “The Unforgettable Lifesaver of 1,200 Persecuted Jews.” He had faults, but he changed in 1939 when he saw what was happening to Jews. “We’ll say bye for now; and we love you.” – Harry Brown