Sunrise By David Coy: Survive and Thrive

David Coy

By David Coy

Being robbed of her independent right to choose and the death of her innocence in the eyes of many in society, someone said of her, “She’s not the typical rape victim. Her resilience should be an example for other rape victims.” “I still consider myself a married individual,” said one person. “I feel close to them, but I miss their touch most of all.” One author wrote that after the ashes of the Holocaust the Jewish people continue to survive and thrive in Israel. Sometimes, especially during the holiday season, people have shared with me that they really struggle since their traumatic loss. They admit struggling with loneliness among other feelings. They struggle perhaps even more with figuring out what to do about former or current traditions, whether to continue or create something altogether new. Through it all there is the super beneficial goal for all of us who find this time of year difficult, and that is the resolve to thrive, not just survive.
These and more we could mention, including all of us who are walking the journey with grief, have walked the journey, or know someone who is. We all should make this resolution today. If we are dreading this holiday season or know someone who is, make the commitment to thrive in our present life or help the someone we know who is less than confident about this season. Walk with them so they may learn to thrive in whatever circumstances life presents. Life indeed may pitch many ups and downs and plenty of curves, but through it all we are stronger together than alone, and we can learn to survive and thrive!
This is Sunrise Aftercare,