News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“But grief is the ultimate unrequited love. However hard and long we love someone who has died, they can never love us back — at least that is how it feels.”– R. Lupton

The end of December 2019 brings the loss of our loved ones. Our community expresses sympathy for the families of Betty Joyce Swope Taylor (8-19-40 to 12-24-19), twin sister of Lois (James) Smith – Lawrence-Sorenson in charge; Jerome Rayne Hurst (2-28-35 to 12-24-19), served in U.S. Air Force and was a former Henderson Chief of Police – Memory Gardens; Daniel Hughes Moore (4-26-34 to12-25-19), served in U.S. Army and was raised in Collierville but later moved to Old Friendship area – Old Friendship; and Carolyn Jean Cable Potter (12-13-35 to 12-26-19) – Unity Cemetery.
“On the Wings of a Dove” is the last respect, love and hug Don and I offer in listing the deceased for one year. Many families lost loved ones from last week of Dec. 2018 through the last week of Dec. 2019. If counted correctly we call 238 obits; plus, the last four deaths that may or may not have obits printed in Jan. 2, 2020 issue. Much effort and time goes into keeping a yearly record of deceased family or friends. The paper prints this list. You can keep a record of loved ones for each year in a labeled folder or giant envelope to store the list. Remembrance helps those who suffer in quietness. “Not forgotten as long as a name is spoken or written.” – PN Jones
Prayer request – Marilyn Weaver; Betty (Joe) Morris; Karen Malone; and Jessie Hudson.
Tidbits: “Q” is the only letter that does not appear in any of the U.S. States. Tennessee ranks among the best roads in the U.S.
What happens when a child wishes for a “Christmas puppy” again? A call for an animal in need came this week. I am not a rescue, but I have a heart for animals and older people who need help with a stray. Isn’t it possible this deserted dog had to get out of his yard for the new Christmas puppy? Cold, hungry, lonely and scared with ribs showing, he found a quiet warm place. Finally, he would stop hearing a name called so harshly, yet “Get” wasn’t his name. We made pictures, prayed, cried and called really responsible animal friends. Now this dog has a chance in 2020 to be called “BELIEVE.”
I believe in God our Father. I believe in Christ the Son. I believe God is watching us. I believe God created all animals. I believe we are held responsible for pets’ treatment. I believe a country is judged by how its animals are treated. I believe animals have emotions. I believe there are some responsible people who will spay/neuter their pets. I believe in supporting animal rescues. I believe this deserted dog will find a gentle hand that will show love to him in the New Year of 2020. What do you believe? Support Loving Paws Rescue, 2035 Brown Cemetery Road, Luray, Tenn. 38352, and City Pound, too.
Homeless animals outnumber homeless people five to one. Every year, about six to eight million pets are abandoned; thus, 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed because shelters are too full or because there are not enough adoptive homes or foster homes. There are dogs, puppies, cats and kittens in shelters or rescues or those shyly asking for your help. Why not shop at shelter or rescues for a Christmas present, AND keep the older pet that brought cheer and loyalty to you. Animals have emotions. They feel abandoned when love stops coming their way. Don’t you believe there is enough love in your heart to love more than one? Strays needs help. The best dogs I’ve had were strays. I didn’t turn a deaf ear to their whines or poking ribs. We have one rescue, Sammie.
The Animals Protection Index was designed by World Animal Protection. It establishes a classification of 50 countries around the world in regards to the commitment to protecting and improving animal welfare in legislation and policy in. According to World Animal Protection, these four countries out of 50 scored the top grades regarding animal welfare – Austria, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The U.S. ranked 31 (grade D) and the last country was Iran.
Receiving an A Grade, Austria is among the BEST countries for animal welfare. The Austrian Animal Welfare Act 2004 suggests that the protection of the well-being of animals should be held to a value that is equal to humankind. The act prohibits the suffering of animals, infliction of unjustified pain, exposure to heavy fear, and injury to animals with the exemption of some hunting and fishing. The act also applies to farm animals with regulations particularly aimed at protecting them. The 2004 act bans the use of wild animals in circuses and also prohibits fur farming. In 2005, the country banned the use of orangutans, chimpanzees, and gorillas for experiments.
The U.S. was number 31. Iran was number 50. Those people are afraid to speak freely. Twelve were arrested and beaten for trying to help with animals rights. I love being an American, but why are we number 31 out of 50? Why not number one? We have the freedom to speak! We have been the leader for years in many ways. Spay/neuter, be responsible and do right toward your furry family, and don’t ignore other animals crying for help. Be their voice. President Donald Trump signed an act to help animals. Now we need officials to follow the law. If animal cruelty is discovered those people need to be taken to court. We have to speak for helpless animals, children and elderly.
Harry Brown worked in a prison camp. He helped take care of “Mike” the monkey during World War II. The pet monkey was afraid of the prisoners because they ate monkey. “Mike” screamed if they were near him. Animals are intelligent – few desert their families, and they know who helps them. The lick on your hand is their hug. God bless those who love God’s creations in this New Year with “Perfect Vision” for a great year.
“We’ll say bye for now; and we love you.” – Harry Brown