Chester County High School Eaglettes Conquer North Side

Faith McManus puts up a 3-pointer in the fourth quarter against Jackson North Side. The Eaglettes won 65-24. Photo by Kendall Patterson

The Eaglettes played in the Hub City Classic Dec. 27-30 and earned another district win after triumphing over Jackson North Side again.
The team already demolished North Side by 35 points on Dec. 17 when they won 72-37 but had an even bigger win this weekend after winning by 41 points with a score of 65-24.
They had a slow start, but began to pick up their momentum toward the end of the first with the help of rebounds by Madison Williams and a three pointer by Ava Craddock. They ended the quarter 18-5.
Then, by the time halftime came around, the Eaglettes had three times the number of points that the Indians scored; the score was 36-12.
Though they had this lead, Head Coach Lee Pipkin was not too pleased with how they were playing.
“I wasn’t too thrilled with how some of them were playing, because they were playing really passive and just not executing.”
In the second half, the Eaglettes started off strong with some steals and points to follow. They were on an offensive and defensive streak as they made the score 46-14 in the third.
The Chester County bench even got to play toward the end of the third to add on to the team’s victory.
“When our bench came in, I was so thrilled with how they did,” Pipkin said. “They played very hard. That’s what we need. We need them to step up, because if we have any kind of depth that’s just going to make us better.”
Though they had that great victory, they lost the following game in the Hub City Classic against Crockett County 46-42.
Pipkin said that the girls had a great game, but the girls just could not make some baskets.
“The girls played awesome,” she said. “We had many chances to win, but the ball just wouldn’t go in the basket down the stretch. However, I was extremely proud of their effort.”
This game though a loss, brought out the team’s potential for the rest of the season.
“Everyone improved on something in this game,” she said. “I told them after the game they had nothing to hang their heads about. Sometimes the ball doesn’t go in. But it brought us one step closer to where we want to be.”
The Eaglettes have not yet played Madison for third place in the Hub City Classic at the time of printing.

Overall Record (7-6)
District Record (4-0)