Hart brothers arrested on weapons violations

Brothers Gary Lynn Hart and Jerry Alton Hart were arrested Sunday and Monday, respectively, following reports of shots fired in the Frankie Lane area, and a subsequent search warrant executed at the men’s residence. Both received multiple charges including unlawful carrying/possession of firearms or ammunition. Local police officers take Jerry Hart into custody Monday.

Officers with the Henderson Police Department responded to the Frankie Lane area Sunday evening after receiving multiple complaints of shots fired.
According to a press release, officers responded and began canvas the area on foot, where they observed a person standing near the intersection of Frankie Lane and Trice St. As they neared the individual, they recognized him as Gary Lynn Hart. Reportedly upon seeing the officers, Hart began walking away with his hands in his pockets, yelling at the officers. Officers repeatedly ordered Hart to stop and remove his hands from his pockets, but he refused to comply, becoming more belligerent and uncooperative as officers drew closer. At this time, due to his behavior and refusal to comply, a taser was deployed to assist in apprehension.
A continuingly combative Hart was taken into custody. Officers did recover spent shell casings in the general area where Hart was observed, and he was found to have ammunition in his pocket. In addition, officers recovered a high-powered rifle believed to belong to Gary Hart, a convicted felon, having an extensive criminal history and cannot possess firearms or ammunition. Gary Hart, 56, was arrested and transported to the Chester County Criminal Justice Complex, where he was charged with resisting arrest, evading arrest, unlawful carrying or possession of firearms or ammunition and disorderly conduct. His bond was set at $500,000.
In continuation of the investigation, officers executed a search warrant Monday morning at 521 Frankie Lane, a residence where Gary Hart has lived and is believed to have been staying for the last few weeks following a recent release from prison. During execution of the search warrant, officers made contact with Jerry Hart, brother of Gary Hart and also a resident of the same address.
Officers recovered drug paraphernalia, one loaded handgun, another handgun which had the serial numbers ground off and a handgun which was reported stolen out of Jackson in December.
Jerry Alton Hart, 57, also is reported to have an extensive criminal history, including numerous felonies. He was also arrested, and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful carrying or possession of firearms or ammunition and theft under $1,000.
“This is an intense ongoing investigation,” stated Chief of Police Gary A. Davidson. “More charges are possible on one or both of these men. My officers are following up on several leads possibly tied to one or both of these men. We will also be reaching out to other agencies with the hope of federal charges.”