News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


with Mary Lynn Lambert

Prayers requested for John and Mary Jean Jordan, Roger Hatch and Donna Waldrip. Wanda King received a good report at her recent visit.
We would like to thank everyone who made a purchase from the Silerton Fire Department’s annual Christmas Bake Sale. The Fire Department was happy with the outcome of the sale. Please mark your calendar for next Christmas if you want home-baked desserts.
Men from the community gathered at the home of Judy Dillard to build a handicap ramp for her mother, Sarah Chandler. Not only did they get a lot of work accomplished, the men enjoyed working together on a common good deed.
A big thanks to Donna (Wiley) Waldrip for sharing some of her senior wisdom. She willingly gave God praises for the blessings she has received in her life. As she talked about her childhood and lifestyle, she was constantly encouraging this reporter. She contributes her positive attitude to the difficulties she has encountered that has strengthened her in her faith.
She was the daughter of a farmer who not only provided a loving example but also made a decent living on the farm in the Piney Grove area. They raised cotton and corn. Every summer they canned enough vegetables from their garden to last through the winter months. They also canned jellies and jams. Her daddy raised sugar cane to make into sorghum molasses. Each year they killed two hogs and cured the hams and the shoulders in their smokehouse. They canned their sausage also. They raised chickens and her mother was able to trade eggs for grocery items from the rolling grocery store. Every Sunday they enjoyed fried chicken for lunch. When they got their farm work done, they would work for other farmers to make money to buy new school clothes. She readily said that it was hard work, but she always appreciated what she had purchased. Donna celebrated her 87th birthday on Jan. 6. After her husband’s death, she said that she refused to sit down and let her age stop her from continuing her busy lifestyle. She is a very active lady in her church, community and the Fire Department. She tries to make it a daily goal to not grumble and complain but to stay positive and realize God is always with her to help in whatever situation.
It would be appreciated if you would call and share some of your news and thoughts or memories so we can stay connected.