News from the Sweetlips Community of Chester County

JoAnn Greer

with JoAnn Greer

I am so sorry for not having a column, but I have been kind of out of pocket since the end of November.
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about our stew/bake sale. The stew will be Saturday, Feb. 1, with a snow date of Feb. 8. Stew will be ready around 10 a.m. You must bring your own containers. If you want to reserve, you may call Neal Kinchen at 989-7342, JoAnn Greer at 989-7523 or the Sweetlips Store at 989-2156. As always, we are asking for donations of roast from folks in the community as well as baked items. You will probably get a call closer to time. We will have flyers out around town. This is our once a year fundraiser, and all proceeds go to the up keep of the fire station and community center. Without your help it would be difficult to continue.
Hope everyone made it through Saturday’s storms safely. I did not hear of injuries, but trees were down everywhere. BIG ones! We had power outages throughout the community. Hats off to those hardworking Southwest Electric guys.
Happy birthday and anniversary to all those for the past few months. Once again, my book has disappeared.
I was very happy to have Justin and Fallon home from North Dakota for Christmas. It just wasn’t long enough.
Please remember these folks on your prayer list: Loretta and Dobber Pickett, Lou and Dianne Williams, Cindy Springer, Lequita P. Wylie, JoAnn Greer, Patsy Collins, Mitzi Crouse, Bud Ward, Gordon Russell, our country, our soldiers and their families, our children and teachers, the President and anyone that I may not know about suffering from sickness. May God comfort us all.
I hope everyone realized how blessed you are if you have good health.
Thought for the week: Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Also, sometimes, a smile goes a long way. Have a good week everyone!