News from the Sweetlips Community of Chester County

JoAnn Greer

with JoAnn Greer

As the end of January rolls into February, Sweetlips Store becomes a very busy place. Ms. Dianne will be celebrating her 15th year preparing taxes. Although working with taxes gives most sane people tremendous headaches, Ms. Dianne seems to love it until it comes to preparing her own, admitting she procrastinates doing the preliminary work to get her record in order to file. Is that kind of like having an electrician, plumber, carpenter or beautician in the family, but you are the last one to get serviced?
Sweetlips Store also is working on the very delicious activity of dipping red sweet strawberries into chocolate or cream cheese. Although most people will automatically declare chocolate the winner, according to Ms. Dianne, cream cheese outsells chocolate. Call the store to be sure she has plenty on site. This past week, she sold out in less than one day. With Valentine’s Day coming up, you have to get your orders in for that special someone. Call 989-2156.
You may not recognize the name Brenda D. Williams, but it is the pen name of Ms. Dianne. During the past two years, she has published several books in her series, A Southern Railway. The series is a unique blend of modern and publically debated problems of home invasions and human trafficking. The fourth installment of the series, A Stalker Returns, will be released on Jan. 24. All of her books are available on Amazon, and she has the paperbacks in Sweetlips Store.
Christie and Jerry Newsom have opened Windy Hills Cabin for rental. You may find details at or contact them at 608-1530.
For those or you new to the community, who might want to participate in the stew/bake sale, there are a few things you need to know. We ask for donations of beef roast for the stew. It should be cooked, deboned and left in its own juices. They need to be in disposable containers and brought to the community center on Friday, Jan. 31. If they are hot, leave on the counter to cool; if already cooled, please put in the refrigerator. The same goes for baked items. If they need to be put in the refrigerator, put them in and just leave the rest on the counter. Also, please put your name and what your item is on the container. Once frosting is on, we have to guess what we are selling! Your baked items can be cakes, pies, cookies, homemade breads, rolls…you name it. If it were not for all of your help, our once a year fundraiser would not succeed. If you want to help peel 175 pounds of potatoes for the stew, bring your favorite knife and join us Friday evening at the community center; will let you know time. Also remember the stew goes fast! You may preorder by calling Neal Kinchen, 989-7342; JoAnn Greer, 989-7523; Cindy Springer, 989-7046; or Sweetlips Store, 989-2156. Do not forget to bring your own containers.
Remember all the sick and shut-ins. On our prayer list are Loretta Pickett, Patsy Collins, Patsy Newsom, Cindy Springer, Gordon Russell, Lequita Wylie, JoAnn Greer, Van Dyer, Ashley Phillips, Grace Moody, Dianne and Lou Williams, Neal and Nancy Kinchen, Russell Kinchen, our soldiers and their families, our country and our children and teachers. God Bless America. If you have news to share, call 989-7523.
Have a good week, everyone!