Sunrise By David Coy: Bright Side

David Coy

By David Coy

If we look at this new year as a new beginning, as many people are just beginning their walk with grief, then life can look extremely bleak right now. When we first begin our walk with grief, we probably are in shock in the loss that has just occurred. Our mind could be numb with brain fog, so our thinking is muddled, and we struggle to focus our attention. We also could be suffering with depression. An individual may get up out of bed to take care of their responsibilities, such as getting children on the bus for school, but never get dressed and end up lying on the couch because of lethargy and overwhelming sadness. Depression can be debilitating. Liza Minnelli described her mother as being “tired, like a flower that blooms and brings joy, then wilts.”
There are many avenues of working through grief and depression. Seeking help outside of yourself if necessary should always be a consideration. Depending on how deep, dark, and despaired a person is with their depression, being physically active is also a very good idea. You may have to push through the tough moments to keep on a schedule. Talk to someone with regular frequency. Realize there is always hope and the promise of a brighter tomorrow, and this too will pass (the depressive feelings and sorrow and sadness). If we are willing to endure the pain we feel right now and hang on to the brighter tomorrow, we can prevail. During the low valley one is in, do not be alone. It is easier when we have a constant companion or a continual friend to talk and fellowship. There is a bright side to the down side.
This is Sunrise Aftercare,