Chester County Lions Club Public Servant of the Month

Pictured left to right:   Donna Butler, Lions Club Zone Chair, Officer Bradley Ross of the City of Henderson Police Department and King Lion Mike McCutchen.

By Donna Butler
Chester County Lions Club

The Chester County Lions Club has long had the tradition of honoring those in our community who work hard to add value by giving freely of their time, effort, and energy through volunteerism. LIONS Clubs all over the world have always been about service to others. Building bridges to a better life and building the bridges of equality and understanding through the services we provide to others of all ages – regardless of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, or disability.
Our Chester County Club would like to spotlight our men and women in blue this month by honoring Officer Bradley Ross from the Henderson Police Department.
Bradley was born and raised in Jacks Creek. His parents are Danny and Shirley Ross. He attended Jacks Creek Elementary, North Chester, CCJHS, and graduated from CCHS in 2003. After high school, he worked with various companies ranging from electrical work to steel fabrication. In 2009, he enrolled in JSCC in the EMT-IV Program. From there, he worked for EMS and Emergency Dispatch until starting in the law enforcement arena in 2012. So 2020 starts his 8th year in law enforcement. Officer Ross currently holds several certifications including POST Certified, AEMT, EMD, ARIDE, along with other varying certificates in both law enforcement as well as the EMS field.
When asked when he knew he wanted to be a public servant, Officer Ross says that reality really began to take hold for him as he was attending JSCC in the EMT-IV Program with Instructors Bobbie Doran and Howard Barnett. He says that during that time in EMS, he worked closely with several officers from varying departments. And as time passed, he had a bigger desire to transition into the law enforcement field.
In 2012, with the help of City of Bolivar’s Captain Mike Jones, he applied with the Bolivar Police Department and was hired. He spent four years with the Bolivar Department before coming to the Henderson Police Department.
When asked about his personal and professional accomplishments Officer Ross says from a personal perspective – it is marrying his best friend Amy (Taylor). They will have been married 14 years in March. Professionally speaking, he says it would be graduating from TLETA Police Academy. He says that was the largest obstacle he has faced to date.
For fun, Bradley says he enjoys being at home with his wife and two miniature Schnauzers. But he also enjoys deer and turkey hunting, fishing and building things. Amy says he is a great handy man – can make almost anything.
His future plans include continuing his career with the Henderson Police Department and hopefully promote through the ranks until retirement.
When asked what he hopes people will remember about him, Officer Ross responded by saying that he was a dedicated and successful member of the Henderson Police Department.
I am certainly proud and honored to be able to present Officer Bradley Ross before the Club and before the public as a true hometown hero who is serving us faithfully. I believe we in Henderson are abundantly blessed to have such fine Police and Sheriff Departments. Our hope, faith, and confidence in men like Officer Ross is well placed and most deserved.