Letter To The Editor: Can It Still Work?


Dear Editor,
At a time when our society is spiraling out of moral control, isn’t it time for some old fashion principles to be valued once again? Well, there is one timeless rule from my childhood that was not to be broken under NO circumstances – the rule of “RESPECT.” Seven letters, one word, with one concept that represents the most powerful appreciation of being a part of mankind’s existence. The question is…can it still work? In today’s society when there is no consideration for the existence of another human being, it creates a climate that corrodes the lining of human value.
When you encounter a rude customer, a rude cashier or just a disrespectful person, it is not a good feeling. Sometimes disrespectful encounters provoke profanity, ugly name calling and threats that can escalate into an uncomfortable situation, and nothing is gained by the lack of respect.
My granny used to say, “Even a dog deserves RESPECT!” The Queen of Soul, Ms. Aretha Franklin, revealed in her R&B Song lyrics, “All I need is just a little respect…R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”
The old fashion principle that I am referring to are the spoken words, “Yes, Ma’am,” “No, Ma’am,” “Yes, Sir,” “No, Sir.” Words that was taught to bring respect into an encounter regardless of age, gender, race or religious preference. This old fashion principle was taught in Black homes and other ethnic homes to enhance self-worth. The Old Fashion principle of giving respect CAN STILL WORK. Respect and kindness are God’s principles, based on the Commandment, “Above all “LOVE YE ONE ANOTHER!”
Always remember, “A kind word turns away wrath.” Acknowledge and esteem another higher than yourself. The world we live in is getting crowded, so make room for others by being respectful and polite. This will make our world a better place. The bottom line is yes. Old fashion rules can still work when applied, so start using, “Yes, Ma’am,” OR “ Yes, Sir.” IT WORKS!
Juanita Clay