News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“In grieving the death of a loved one, remember how you loved them when they were present. Know you can continue to love them in their absence. You can go from grief to peace.”
Sympathy is expressed to the families of Bertha Gene Swope Johnson (7-2-37 to 1-21-20); Brenda Carol Shumake Vann (7-31-48 to 1-23-20), sister of Billy Shumake from Jacks Creek – Cave Springs; Joy Mae Newman Oliver (4-28-44 to 1-24-20) from Class of 1962 and beloved twin to Joyce Rae Beshires – Cave Springs; and Frenzola Young Morris (4-3-29 to 1-27-20), widow of Edward and beloved grandmother of Vickie Brower – Woodlawn.
Prayer is requested for Regina East. Continue prayers for Sheila Cox, Melbern Jones and Karen Malone. Hugs to Judy Hample, G.W. and Nancy Rush, Sherrill Ryals, Murdell Barker and Jessie Hudson. Also, many sport fans are mourning the death of Kobe Bryant (8-23-78 to 1-26-20), his daughter and friends in a helicopter accident in California.
Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I would like to express my love to those making a donation to Loving Paws in memory of Dusty Rose last week. It meant MORE to me than you will ever know. Let us have lunch. Call me to discuss day and time – 989-7485.
Loving Paws was called to rescue three puppies dropped off at a church. It rained hard, winds were rough and temperature dropped. The puppies were scared and wet in a culvert. One nice lady was able to capture a scared puppy. She cared enough to help. Carol has the two in a warm bed with good food to give them strength. Breaks my heart to see folks turn their heads. Effort to save them and seeking help is a reward. God is watching us. Leaving a church and NOT doing anything does not make His day!
The ending of another Jacks Creek puppy is warming. He was named Nate, and he was shy. Nate had eaten corn kernels and fruit pits, so now his good food was gobbled, but he had a soul no one knew about at all. He was simply a puppy born to a momma dog not spayed – thus, more unwanted puppies! When the other two church puppies were rescued, they were nervous and so scared. Carol had soft bedding in a safe pet taxi. Guess who humbly got into that crate to help those scared babies? Yes, Nate crawled in the crate and comforted them. He related to these puppies. Isn’t he going to make a human family happy? Nate had much love to give. He even finally worked up his courage to crawl in bed with Carol. He finally felt he did count. They snuggled. Though Nate will be a large-sized dog this snuggle time made him feel like a loved baby.
We wish Nate had more time to share with the two new orphans, but happy news for Nate! A family in Connecticut wanted him to live in their home. I was invited by Loving Paws (Carol) to join them at transport, but I received the email too late, and Carol was just too busy to call. I will always hate not seeing Nate one more time. I made a picture the day I transferred him to Carol. He was scared, but he rode in Carol’s lap all the way home. Nate left last Wednesday, Jan. 22 – he is being loved and wanted now. Nate, you are home! I just received a picture of Nate with his new family – he has two girls and their parents to love.
I hope you will consider “fostering” a Loving Paws dog. The food, vetting and supplies are furnished. It is only temporary until some family using “Pet Search” finds your foster dog. I fostered two dogs, “Teddy and Reddy.” Their new family have sent pictures. The dog I rescued one snowy winter was thin and sick. I fostered “Sadie” with Loving Paws’ help. I bought Blue Buffalo dog food and treats, so other fosters could have the remaining food Loving Paws uses. Loving Paws needed a foster mother, so I took the job. Sadie did not want to leave me in May 2011, but another family in Connecticut wanted her. She was a very sensitive dog. I did make-believe crying just to see her nose between my hands to lick my tears away. She did it EVERY time. I received great pictures of Sadie’s home, bedding, backyard and toys. People are so different – those who help God’s creations must bring a smile to those in heaven. Momma used to tell me God had a good sense of humor, so I should try to make Him smile. I do try. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.”
Consider researching makeup and beauty aids. Don’t we want “no animals used for testing”? I have read and learned so much. I have given Maybelline a new name, Never-lline, and there are other big companies whom have sold out to China where cruel experiments are done. Millions of these animals are hurt or killed. Animals are suffering and dying in vain by being used in dangerous tests that do NOT directly lead to ANY human benefits. One email showed three small monkeys standing on a metal table with their little necks in a vise. Rabbits’ eyes are pinned open so experimenters can spray chemicals, hair spray, perfumes or makeup into their eyes. I do not need that! I know these monkeys do not need wrinkle free creams on their faces either. I have enough sense to wipe off burning cream, facial or eye make-up. The little animal is trapped. That is not right. I will list good and bad companies soon, so you can decide what to do. Be kind to children, elderly and animals. Be their voice.
Four tidbits: Jan. 27, 1945 – Auschwitz concentration camp is liberated (millions murdered by Germans); petrichor is the smell of rain. It should be bottled; Mexico City sinks three inches yearly; Don’s parents married Jan. 28, 1946, Robbie died 1999 and Travis died 2002.
2020 VISION: “Family – The greatest gift I ever received from God.”