Tennessee Governor’s plan could add over $600,000 to local coffers


Thanks to a proposal made by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, Chester County and the cities of Henderson and Enville are eligible to receive approximately $500,000 in grants that do not require the city and county to contribute a certain percentage of the grant total as is the case of most grants.
Governor Lee, in his annual state of the state address on Monday, revealed his proposed budget which included $100 million in one-time funding for local government. Each county in the state will be eligible for a grant of $250,000 plus another payment based on county population. It’s estimated that Chester County will receive approximately $400,000.
Also included is another $50 million that will be distributed to each city in the state. The city of Henderson will receive about $99,000 and Enville will receive $32,000.
In order to receive the grant funds the proceeds must be designated to make non-recurring expenditure in the following areas: Public safety, street projects, capital maintenance, utility system upgrades and IT hardware upgrades.
Each city/county must adopt a resolution indicating its desire to receive the grant and clearly identify the planned use of the grant money.
These grants will not go into effect until the budget is approved by the state, house of representatives and the state senate.