Letter To The Editor: Super Bowl


Dear Editor,
Well, the game is over. It was very good to watch…until the halftime show. A very nasty, ugly, terrible show of women showing and grabbing their privates. I know a lot of people like to see that, but what about the kids? I got sick knowing that a kid had to see such mess, and it was not just me. Did you see and hear the comments on Facebook and from some of the fans. The media was talking about it also. One dad said his son asked him, “Dad, should we be watching this?” How about that from a child?
NFL could do better than this. All they see is dollar signs. Whatever happened to country, oldies, pop and, best of all, gospel. It could happen if we all would stop buying and watching. Look what happened when players took a knee against our flag. Football is a great sport, but why hurt it for dirt?
Imogene Naylor