News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“You’re in a better position to feel your connection with God, Guardian Angels and your deceased loved ones by meditation. Praying is talking to God, but meditation is listening to Him.”

Sympathy to the families of Lee Nell Stanfill King (10-26-32 to 2-12-20). She made sure I had her good cooking at junior high. She never failed to thank me for including her deceased Daddy’s Aug. 9 birthday. She was positive and had a warm smile. Wife and beloved together again – New Friendship; Vivian Gaynell Cleek Dees (9-14-32 to 2-12-20) – Pleasant Springs; Joe Neil Brown (10-10-30 to 2-12-20), grew up in Enville, graduated from Adamsville and served in U.S. Navy – Milledgeville; Luther Allyn Sikes (3-1-43 to 2-16-20) sister, Nancy Jackson from Jacks Creek – Big Springs; and Robert Charles Schwartz (5-31-23 to 2-16-20), lived with his son, Dr. Paul (Mary) Schwartz since 2018 – Lakeview Cemetery in Winters, Texas.
Prayers continued for Sheila Cox – grandparents were Oscar (Effie Rhodes) Nobles. She is thankful to have daughter, Jennifer and three grandchildren. Call for her address (hard to catch me). Jessie Hudson, thanks for always being friendly, smiling and kind to me. I loved teaching Terry; he is a copy of you. Doris Maness is trying hard to get well. Mary Curtis fell Monday. Johnny Hayes is going to nursing home.
Murdell Brewer McCall Barker was born Feb. 19. Reverse her age numbers, what do you get? Her grandmothers lived passed age 100. She is having a dinner party with family and close friends Wednesday at Cades Cove.
I skipped two precious friends’ birthdays. I am expecting to be “sued” or “booed” by Patsy Denton (Feb. 12) or Imogene Valentine Fitts (2-14); and Happy Birthday to four Chester County friends on Feb. 23 – Maness twins, Willadean Thrasher and Joy Maxine Whittaker; Larry Cochran; and Mary Curtis. Thinking of Nina Ross (2-24-24) and Danny Rogers (2-23-12).
Andy Maness and family had a great 90th birthday dinner for him. He was given a special leather covered Bible. Forty-five guests appeared with a favorite food to add to the main course. Some spoke after dinner. Due to time, I did not speak, but I would like to tell Cousin Andy that he was humble and always looked nice carrying Mama Beck’s (Ethel Roseann Maness) purse no matter what he was wearing!
Andy loved Mama Beck’s coconut cake, so DJ and PJ made a four-layer juicy coconut cake that disappeared. I inserted a plastic mouse on cake plate with hopes it would turn folks away from that dessert. It did not work – cake plate was licked. Also, I wanted Andy to know the world’s oldest man is 112 this month. Andy, bypass that age and make us proud. Also, we want you to bypass Murdell Barker’s age. Andy, don’t let a woman out-do you!
Don and I had fun carrying a cute couple out for din-din. We carried the person(s) out for a Valentine’s Day meal who sent us a Valentine Day Card FIRST. First place went to the McCalls (Joel and Janis). They guided us to a place we had not tried. Mary Curtis came in second place – sticker for her.
Two memories – our second year of marriage DJ gave me a box of “diabetic” Valentine’s Day candy (guess my weight was packing on then, too). To punish him I ate the whole box in one day! Second memory – Daddy brought a box of candy to our home, similar to what he bought Mother. I was so touched. He did lots of things in private that no person knew about. It tickled both of us. Yes, we both had many secrets. He was not sick then and could handle his thinking alone. This year, DJ bought me TWO boxes of candy days apart– one with a kitten on the lid and the other with a red rose. One box is nearing the end of its journey. Just remember Porky’s girlfriend, Petunia —- she never shared ONE piece. I am not selfish.
Pet Food Warning! U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning dog owners NOT to feed pets AUNT JENI’S homemade dog food – Lot # 175331. It contains Salmonella. DJ and PJ are making our pet food. Yesterday we boiled three chicken breasts and added rice to broth. We prepare green beans, some English peas, carrots, many fruits (never grapes) and little turkey; their treat is to smell Valentine candy! Just call me Petunia. Be kind to your animals. They need good nourishment for a healthy body. I am learning cedarwood essential oil repels fleas.
Support PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Send membership fee of $16 to 501 Front Street/Norfolk, VA 23510/ph.757-622-7382. Founder, Ingrid Newkirk says, “All animals have the ability to suffer in the same way or degree that humans do. They feel pain, pleasure, fear, frustrations, loneliness, snubs and love.” All breeders fuel the animal overpopulation crisis. Spay and neuter; be responsible to your fur babies. Support Loving Paws rescue.
I ordered books on elephants. I adopted Shirley at age 71 at Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary. I like to share information so you can see that many of the only cruel species are HUMANS! Elephants are captured and from the very beginning are mistreated to break their spirit. Weeks old babies actually witness “culling” – killing of its entire family. The baby is helpless. Many of these young elephants die while in route to the countries buying them for a high price. Is that not another tragedy in itself? It all comes down to MONEY – the love of money, not the love of animals created by God for His purpose. There are good people trying to help the plight of elephants. God bless them.
Family is everything to elephants for a lifetime – security, safety, guidance, joy, love and all other emotions we have.
In captivity elephants have no family. They have a life of isolation, mental hang-ups, neurotic behaviors, fear, life without true comfort, untreated sickness, cruel mistreatments and serious feet issues. Many are kept under control by being hungry and thirsty. No ponds for fun or relaxation – they are sprayed. Consider not going to zoos or circuses. Support wild animals belonging in the wild not behind walls and bars.
Not forgotten are good people/organizations that helped Australia’s during many fires killing one billion animals. Some animals had severe injuries; so severe they were euthanized. Thirty thousand koalas were killed or injured and 60 were wounded. Sadly, 27 humans died. Our world is changing.
Flag Day is Feb. 24. Honor what it stands for, and stand to salute it when the National Anthem is played.

2020 VISION: “Everyday holds a possibility of a miracle.”