Ten qualify to run for office in Chester County in August election


Prior to Super Tuesday, Feb. 12-25, the 2020 Presidential Preference Primary Early Elections took place. Over the duration of the voting period, 955 Chester County residents voted whether in-person or by mail.
According to Kathy Vest, Chester County Administrator of Elections, local voter turnout aligned with being low throughout the state of Tennessee.
For the local elections on August 6, the following have qualified for candidacy: Donna Butler – Henderson Mayor, Robert W. “Bobby” King – Henderson Mayor (incumbent), James “Mike” Alexander – Henderson Alderman, Tommy Davis – Henderson Alderman, Buel “Snookum” Maness – Henderson Alderman (incumbent), Broderick Eugene Beecham – Chester County Property Assessor, Mark Griffin – CC School Board District 1 (incumbent), Ben Cupples – CC School Board District 3, Dwight Bingham – CC School Board District 4 (incumbent) and Ronald Johnson – CC School Board District 5 (incumbent).
The following have picked up petitions to run, but have not yet qualified: Todd Davis – Henderson Alderman, Jason Rhodes – Henderson Alderman, Sharon Cooper – Henderson Alderman, Michael Phelps – Henderson Alderman (incumbent), Amanda Hearn – CC School Board District 3, Jeff Harris – CC School Board District 4, Todd Davis – CC School Board District 5, Melinda Johnston – Enville Mayor, Kaye Ritter – Enville Alderman, Nick Weatherington – Enville Alderman, Shane Johnston – Enville Alderman and Cody Maness – Tennessee Representative District 72.