News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“Love is a bond that death cannot part. Gone from my arms, but still held in my heart.” – John Green

Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Mary Lee Farris Frye (8-13-31 to 2-26-20), an unforgettable bubble of fun and contagious joy; and Maudie Ann Green (2-24-67 to 3-1-20) from Jacks Creek – incomplete.
Continue prayers for Cousin Sheila Cox still in Nashville; she’s having a hard time. Call for her address to send a card.
Tenderly remember Fentress Casey birthday (3-8-26). Tenderly remember Allene Weatherington gone a year March 9, 2019. She was a treasure. Carolyn, her daughter, misses as do many friends.
Regina Brooks introduced Delores Perkins and me to her friend Ann Hankins near Deanburg Road. We met her furry family Feb. 26. Sadly, on Feb. 29, her beloved dog Pee Wee died in his sleep. Pee Wee was special to Ann. Survivors are Ann, Lucky (canine) and Miss Kitty.
Feb. 25 is World Spay Day. Loving Paws Rescue tries to rescue as many dogs or puppies until her kennels are filled to capacity. Carol Preuss has personal designated portions of her home to nurse sick puppies back to health. She starts medical procedures, trauma surgeries, spay/neuter, healing, court time for animals cruelty cases, rescuing from puppy mills, helps strays dumped on country roads and finally happiness when transport arrives to carry precious cargo to forever homes.
“Dogs and cats can’t add, but they sure can multiply.” A single dog produces 67,000 dogs in six years. A cat produces more. Show you are smart and caring – fix your furry family. If you can not be responsible, do not get a pet. SIMPLE! Be the voice for children, elderly and animals. If you see abuse, report abuse.
March 3 is World Wildlife Day. Are you kind to wildlife? March 8 is Daylight Savings Time – spring forward like buttercups and robins.
Jim Ruth was pleasantly surprised when Jimmy Williams called (Fort Mill, S.C.). He is the son of former Chester County High School Principal James Williams.
Happy 91st Birthday to Geralene Thompson (Mississippi) on March 8. Sixteen gathered to be envious of “Blair” trousers and short gowns. Of course admire Scooter’s blanket and hers, too. Cupcakes shared, but not candy or a walking yellow chicken. Candy gave her something to chatter about – her favorite gift, “false teeth” – the others went to the laundry!
Happy 101 Birthday to Robert Seeley (born 3-5). He is a Glendale School friend of Murdell Brewer McCall Barker (born 2-19). Most classmates are gone, but he would love to hear from their classmates’ families. 207 Forsythe St. Chattanooga 37415 (423-875-2223).
Murdell had a pleasant experience that made life MORE delightful. A Hawaiian phone call from Charles Michael McCall almost made Murdell do the “hula” as he wished her a Happy 101 Birthday.
Saturday night family and friends met at Catfish Cabin. Fish, chicken, slaw and hushpuppies was the menu followed with cake. I had asked Murdell her FAVORITE cake – the reply hit hard! I quickly asked her SECOND favorite. Her reply was CAKE! I made coconut to please her. After all she is 101 and much wiser than me. On her 102 birthday she is thinking of parachuting out of a plane like former President Bush.
Don and I presented Murdell with a “Political Birthday” folder of correspondences from NASHVILLE LEGISLATURES(Governor Bill Lee, Senator Dolores Gresham, Representative Kirk Haston); WASHINGTON D.C. (President Donald Trump sent a signed photo and Senator Marsha Blackburn a letter) and LOCAL ELECTIVE OFFICIALS (County Court Clerk – Stacy Smith; Register of Deeds – Doris Ethridge; Deputy Register – Angie Hudson; Assessor of Property – Beverly Morton; Secretary for Beverly – Jeanette Ruth Meek Walker; Chester County Road Supervisor – Jerry King; secretary for Jerry – Sherry Connor; Chester County Trustee – Lance Beshires; Chief Deputy Trustee – Andrea Bailey Holland; Deputy Clerk – Carolyn Higgins; City of Henderson Mayor – Robert King; Mayor of Jacks Creek – Patsy Nobles Jones); and more in the mail. Not too late for other officials to add theirs.
Age 101 “Ole Gal” has seen lots of action and used her talents to help herself, family, friends and strangers. She finished various chores, traveled long roads, crossed creeks and streams, refreshed in Chickasaw Lake and paved the way for others to follow, but she never burned her bridges behind her! She is way too smart for that! She loves belated birthday cards, so be wise and get it in the mail – 82 Will McKnight Drive, Jackson, TN 38301.

2020 VISION: “Laundry (Wash-Dry-Fold-Repeat) it all comes out in the wash.”