Sunrise By David Coy: Coping Skills

David Coy

By David Coy

“On every hand man is seen to suffer at the hands of man. Some endure a greater share than others, but all are ‘joint heirs’ of this inheritance of the human family. The problem of suffering is therefore not the problem of the scientist, or of the great thinker, but is the problem of the common man—of all men.” – Homer Haley
“All of us are grievers thousands of times over in our lives. This is because grief is a normal reaction to loss, and loss is a natural part of our existence.” – Therese A. Rando 
A poem with a great message reads: “One ship travels east, another travels west, By the self same wind that blows; tis the set of the sail, and not the gale, that determines the way that it goes.” Author unknown
Some people live by a very pessimistic and subscribe to Murphy’s law in times of sorrow and suffering which says, “All that can go wrong—will.” God warns us there’s evil in each day; things will go wrong along the way. How much easier to bear these constant pains. Remember God daily monitors the appropriate gains for hanging in there.
“The bustle in a House, The morning after Death, Is Solemnest of industries, Enacted on earth- The sweeping up the Heart, And putting Love away, We shall not want to use again, Until eternity.” – Author unknown
Suffering from sorrow can be intense and overwhelming. One person asked me if they were going crazy. What to do? How does a person cope? What I have recommended numerous times is look at what has worked in the past in other struggles in life and repeat that success.
This is Sunrise Aftercare,