News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“I missed you on this first sunrise and when the sunset faded away.”

Sympathy is expressed to the families of Walter Kenneth Ellis (8-8-40 to 3-2-20) – Sweetlips; Dorothy Sue Snider Williams (8-20-34 to 3-5-20) – Memory Gardens; Ernestine Thurman Bishop (11-8-28 to 3-8-20) – Haltom’s Chapel; Jennie V. Freeman Holmes (12-18-34 to 3-7-20), beloved mother of Sandra Tucker and longtime friend of Jean Williams Tignor – Memory Hill Gardens in Bartlett; Jesse Leon Singleton, Sr. (12-10-42 to 3-5-20) TNNG; and James Ronald Wallace (1-9-55 to 3-9-20), beloved husband of Darlene Ross Wallace – incomplete.
Prayer requested for Sue Wright and Cousin Sheila Cox Elder (gravely ill), and tender thoughts for Tommy and Janice Yates Patterson and neighbors two and three doors away from us. I enjoyed visits with them. They lifted my spirits. They bragged on community and friends during hours of need. Janice showed her mother’s (Lois Yates) recent birthday picture and cake. WOW! Johnny Hayes came home from the nursing home Sunday. Consider carrying him home cooked food – he can not cook and loves to eat. He does not need all those sodas and pastries plus all that good junk food I love, too. Soup is coming before too long, Johnny.
March 21 is Tennessee Tree Day. Delores Perkins has planted several more trees. Her yard looks nice, and she loves the WORK! Poor thing!
Mary and Paul Rietz died hours apart Jan. 5. I observed the obit requests for donations to animal rescue last week. We have a local rescue that needs our community support. I ordered a Young Living animal ointment and six puppy teething rings and will send a check. What would we do without a rescue? Any amount helps, and it is respectful to the Rietz. I do not know the family, but I can honor their wishes; that helps my feelings. Would you consider sending a check to LPR (Loving Paws Rescue) to honor them? 2035 Brown Cemetery Rd., Luray, TN 38352.
Carol from Loving Paws invited me to “Transport” in Jackson. What a fun experience seeing 87 dogs rescued and sent to “fur-ever” homes in northeastern states such as Pennsylvania, Maine and Connecticut. It was a mixture of emotions. First thought – 87 dogs were not loved or wanted. Some had irresponsible owners; some were saved from death or torture from evil people; and all came from dogs not spayed/neutered.
These dogs travel in climate controlled transport. The rescuer proudly (some tearfully) turn their dogs over to transport hands with a last puppy wipe. Dogs are safe in bolted wall attached kennels. When they arrive in Cookeville, a group walks, feeds and water dogs. Essential oils for relaxation are sniffed by humans and canines. Essential oils (Stress Relief, Lavender or Peace and Calm) are used on paw bottoms after a nice bath and brushing. Pictures are made, and some rescuers email to new PROUD parents. Often these parents send first arrived and home pictures. I still have two parents who send me pictures of “Reddy and Teddy.”
Here are names of some I petted going on transport – Benji, Bo, Brandi, Bandit, Sadie, Daisy, Dixie, Rascal, Hattie, Hannah and Lila. A 10-year old was waiting for his first dog. Oh, to see that meeting! Remember your first dog? Think long and hard what we would do without LPR. Thanks for honoring, sharing and helping. Thank you for being a responsible pet owner, too.
Sir Darius Brown from New Jersey started a sewing project at age eight. He is now 13 and has his own company, Beaux and Paws. He wants to call attention to homeless cats and dogs. His project made 500 bow ties to help animals look their best in finding forever homes. His goal is to make bows for pets in all 50 states. Brown received Presidential Commendation from Barack Obama in 2018. “Go Fund Me” featured him the Jan. 2020 Kid Hero. He says, “You don’t have to have money to help someone follow your passion.” What a youth – he was raised right! You don’t have to be age 13. All it takes is a little time and passion.
“Fostering Hope” in a Mississippi hotel offer a pet dog to make guests feel at home. They can interact or adopt the dog presented in the hotel. It works! Sixty homeless dogs found “fur-ever” homes. “Chico” walked into the hotel. An employee yelled, “He’s mine!” That is how I felt about Dusty. We have a hotel in Henderson…
Mink burrow underground and are very affectionate to their group. Sadly, some women desire mink fur wraps or coats. It takes an average of 45 minks to make a coat. Sadly, to get in on MONEY, some are raising mink mills under terrible conditions like puppy mills. The conditions make the mink shows signs of insanity like circus animals show (head shaking, repeat circling, biting metal bars until teeth are worn down, and clawing at latches). A horrible point to make – Sephora makes eyelash sets from these poor minks. Why can’t women simply put a few coats of mascara? We can still bat our eyes, minks can’t. PETA is trying to shut down these mink mills down, so minks can be returned to their habitat.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Julia Bowen Mize can’t be pleased with 160 Georgia dogs riddled with scars and broken bones. Illegal dogfighting is a barbaric activity. Animal Welfare Act should help those men face serious consequences – federal time – no patrol. Surely Chester County men do not do that!
Read this last quote. Do animals feel that way? Being out of your habitat and treated cruelly is not what God wanted for His creations. Think! Amen!

2020 VISION: “Every day holds a possibility of a miracle.”