News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


with Mary Lynn Lambert

Ricky and Jennifer Wilson and children traveled to Mountain Home, Ark., to carry their daughter, Kendall, back to meet her mother after her spring break.
Jamie Evans, Assistant Manager at Ames Plantation, recently wrote in the Ames Plantation Newsletter, “What is our history if it is not the story of those who came before, the story of those who took a chance by moving into previously uninhabited lands to start a new life? They gave up so much, often enduring great hardship, for the hope of bettering themselves and their family.” I encourage you to share some of your Silerton history so we all can enjoy.
Last week brought in the first day of spring. In my childhood days, children looked forward to the warmer days and to being able to spend more time outside. It was a real treat to leave the front and back doors open and raise the windows.
Going barefoot was a big thing for most children. Kids brought out the jump ropes, and hopscotch patterns were scratched in the dirt. Girls built their playhouses and made mud pies. Of course, a bouquet of buttercups was the finishing touch for the playhouse. Looking for a four-leaf clover consumed a lot of time. Spring also meant more work. Almost every family had a garden, and children were usually required to help with the preparation and planting of plants and seeds. Spring cleaning and washing the windows were chores that had to be completed. Sitting on the front porch was another treat where one could watch the birds fly about building new nests. Spring usually meant a trip to the creek to catch tadpoles in a jar to watch them grow and then usually die.
Seeing the dogwood trees and honeysuckle bushes blooming and the new leaves bursting forth certainly brought beauty to the woods. Farmers were very busy preparing the fields for crops. Everyone was busy and seemed to have enthusiasm for a new year. Then, as Easter approached, mothers became busy sewing new outfits for the children or purchasing new outfits. As we enter this spring season, hopefully our memories will compel us to get out and clean our yards and maybe plant some beautiful flowers so everyone can enjoy.
I would appreciate it if you would call and share some of your news and thoughts or memories so we can stay connected.