News from the Jacks Creek community of Chester County


“Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.”
Our community expresses sympathy to the families of Mattie Louise Archer Cherry (12-10-24 to 4-11-20) – Refuge at Bethel Spring; Thomas Grady Taylor (3-15-55 to 4-3-20) from East of Henderson; Karen Davis (3-8-43 to 4-6-20), wife of James born in Bethel Springs; and Eliza Tignor Harris (8-1-24 to 4-4-20) of Beech Bluff, daughter of “Jim” and Lyde Watlington, widow of Leahman Harris, mother of Robert, grandmother of Sarah (Murray) Hopper and Kathryn (Douglas) Werner, “Sister” to Jean Williams (Joe) Tignor and Lou Grissom (Homer) Tignor and “Aunt” of Kay (Larry) Tignor.
Eliza with that magnetic smile and positive attitude was a great leader with Lou Tignor in organizing and trying to keep Tignors together for April reunions. She was unable to attend the 2019 reunion due to failing health but insisted the reunion go on with fun and good foods. We could always bet on Aunt Eliza’s German Chocolate Cake and corn light bread. Now Jean Tignor bakes Eliza’s German Chocolate Cake. It pleased Eliza to see the last slice gone. Jean carried the last slice to Aunt Eliza at the healthcare in 2019.
Eliza was the last of 12 children. First marriage of James and Bertie Stanfill Tignor produced eight children — infant who died at birth in 1906, Edward, Romie, Pauline Vestal, Beulah Holmes, Jimmie Butler, Earl, and Robert “Bob.” The second marriage of “Jim” and Lyde Watlington Tignor produced five children – John, Eliza, Homer, Carl and Joe.
Several generations of all 12 children leave many cousins to treasure and share memoires from all 12 families. The 2020 vision quote at end of article suits them. I am thankful my grandmother had a sister named Ruby Lee Maness who married Romie Tignor. Aunt Ruby was the first to invite me to Tignor reunions when first meeting at Middlefork Primitive Baptist Church building. From then on Aunt Eliza was the first to invite and then Jean Tignor continued the invitation to Don and me. I never missed ONE Tignor reunion. A precious memory – my cousin, Sheila Elder Cox used her walk-in handicap van to carry Aunt Beulah to her last 2009 Tignor reunion. Aunt Beulah died 2010, and Sheila died 2020. Eliza would desire Tignor reunions to continue and keep memories flowing with each slice of German Chocolate Cake. God bless the Tignor Families – I love them.
Prayer requested for Donna Lynch of Jacks Creek. Thoughts continue for Tommy and Janice Yates Patterson, Jim Ruth, family of Jessie Hudson and Dub and Nancy Rush.
Easter is April 12. CAUTION – Peter Rabbit is hiding underground in his safe shelter. Farmer McGregor will not lose lettuce and carrots to him or his sisters, Flopsy, Mopsy and and Cottontail. His kissin’ cousin, Benjamin and Uncle Bouncer will not get to visit Josephine unless they choose to dig a new tunnel six feet from Peter Rabbit’s home. Peter Rabbit got into trouble from his mischief and disobedience, so this tale should teach us to obey rules during this serious “C” virus epidemic. Peter Rabbit’s mother prepared in advance in supplying her pantry. We can learn a lot from animals, can’t we?
Cindy Springer is opening Sweetlips Nursery with safety on Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. A limited number of buyers will shop while others wait in their cars. Be sure to buy lettuce and carrots for Peter Cottontail and Family! Ha-ha! Did you know rabbits do NOT need to be fed cabbage? They need lettuce, some carrots, grass, clover and fresh water. Rabbits can not expel gas, so they get very sick and die. My brother and I had a pet wild rabbit Larry caught, but Daddy told us sadly the little rabbit would die unless we freed him. We released him. Mother had read Peter Cottontail story to us for years, so we liked rabbits. Now you know why I collect rabbits.
New birth announced by great-grandmother, Jean Tignor. April 2, 2020, Juniper Rose Danley was born to Scott and Taryn Tignor Danley. This was just a year after cousins and twins, Memphis and Maveric Massengill were born on April 20, 2019 to Taryn’s sister, Tatum and Billy Massengill. Tommy and Regina have three grandchildren who are “Grand.” More for the Tignor reunion!
Birthdays: Ronnie Burkhead, Joe Wadley, Sammy Lott, and Lisa Brasfield share my mother’s (Bobbie Nobles) April 16 birthday. Sheila Lott Ryals and Brenda Tignor Reddin share April 18. Kathy Tignor Belew celebrates her 69th birthday on April 21.
Tidbits: Noel Moore, age five, wrote the Tale of Peter Rabbit; a 94 year-old World War II veteran survived the “C” Virus; and five tidbits on April 4 in different years – World Trade Center opens in New York City (1973) and destroyed 9-11-01; Martin Luther King assassinated in Memphis (1968); Hank Aaron ties Babe Ruth’s homerun record (1974); President Harrison dies of pneumonia 32 days into office (1841); and President Lincoln dreams about his assassination.
2020 VISION: “Family today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories.”