News from the Montezuma Community of Chester County


Wishing all our readers a very Happy Easter. This Sunday will be a day to remember in our lives as we look at the life of Jesus, his death and resurrection. Christians across the nation will celebrate and rejoice in this day as always but from our homes instead of in our churches.
This was one part of my daily Bible verse studies this week and thought I should share this one. “Before any man can come to God for mercy, he must first have faith to believe both that God exists and that God will make himself known to those who seek Him with all their heart. All who truly seek God, find Him, for He lets himself be found of such.” This is so true, and now is the time for people to come to God for the answers. He definitely holds the key to our future.
Many more people can do their part by continuing to adhere to the instructions regarding the coronavirus outbreak. The sooner we all decide to “stay-at-home” and comply with social distancing the way we have been instructed, the sooner we may see a difference in the spread of this virus. This virus has definitely brought change to our lives, but it has brought many families together during this time with having to stay at home more, cook meals and be creative with ways to fill our time. Please email me some ways you have seen change in your family, and I will be happy to share the information. 
Montezuma sends out happy birthday wishes to Candy Beshires on April 11, April Beshires on April 12 and Anthony Bolton on April 14.
Please continue to pray for John Phillips, Linda Tacker, Buck Burkhead, Anthony Cooper, Faye Crouse, Nancy Thomas, Ed and Betty Morris, Ann Morrison, our country and our government. Please be in prayer for the families of Thomas Grady Taylor, Louise Archer Cherry and other families that have recently lost loved ones. We especially want to remember those families that are losing family members to the coronavirus and are not able to say their goodbyes or have proper burial services, all the men and women who are working throughout the healthcare industry to do their part in caring for the victims of this virus, and police officers, firemen, military and others who are being exposed while doing their jobs.
We would love to have some new people get involved in working with us at the community center. Please call me at 608-2857 if you would like to join in. Please call Betty Cooper at 879-9078 to book the use of the community center. Please send any noteworthy news you have to share in this column to or call me at 608-2857. Blessings to all of you until next time.