Thirty-two qualify for local ballot


According to the Chester County Election Commission, 32 candidates have qualified to run on local ballot in the upcoming August 6 elections.
This is the complete listing for local candidates, as the qualification deadline closed Thursday. Those running for office in the City of Henderson General Election are as follows:
Donna Butler – Henderson Mayor; Robert W. “Bobby” King (incumbent) – Henderson Mayor; James “Mike” Alexander – Henderson Alderman; Dennis Clay Brown – Henderson Alderman; Sharon Cooper – Henderson Alderman; Todd Davis – Henderson Alderman; Tommy Davis – Henderson Alderman; Buel “Snookum” Maness (incumbent) – Henderson Alderman; Michael Phelps (incumbent) – Henderson Alderman; Jason Rhodes – Henderson Alderman.
Those qualifying for the Chester County General Election include the following:
Broderick Eugene Beecham – Property Assessor; Beverly Morton (incumbent) – Property Assessor; Irene Rinks – Property Assessor; Darryl Thompson – Property Assessor; Mark Griffin (incumbent) – School Board – District 1; Ben Cupples – School Board – District 3; Amanda Hearn – School Board – District 3; Dwight Bingham (incumbent) – School Board – District 4; Jeff Harris – School Board – District 4; Todd Davis – School Board – District 5; Becky Hutcherson – School Board – District 5; Ronald Johnson (incumbent)- School Board – District 5.
Four have qualified with petitions for candidacy in the City of Enville-General Election. They include Melinda Johnston (incumbent) – Enville Mayor; Kay Ritter (incumbent) – Enville Alderman; Nick Weatherington (incumbent) – Enville Alderman; and Shane Johnston (incumbent) – Enville Alderman.
Candidates throwing a hat in the Tennessee State Primary, include Jai Templeton – Rep – State Senate – District 26; Page Walley – Rep – Tennessee Senate – District 26; Civil Miller-Watkins – Dem – Tennessee Senate – Disrict 26 and Kirk Haston (incumbent) – Rep – Tennessee Representative – District 72; Gordon Wildridge Rep – Tennessee Representative – District 72; Johnny Bellis Rep State Exec Committeeman – District 26.
Early voting is scheduled for July 17 through August 1, with Election Day slated for August 6. 
Contact the Chester County Election Commission at 989-4039 if you have questions.