Here I Am


By Dennis Richardson

I need to dispel some rumors. I know they are all made in fun but nevertheless seem to worry the younger generation and others who know us.
I have not been to Walmart. I hardly ever go to Walmart anyway but especially during this pandemic. Each time I drive by there (I can see the top of the building from our back yard) it looks like Christmas. Or worse. There must be 500 cars there. I am glad we are all social distancing and staying “safer at home”. If we actually did stay at home maybe these times of isolation could end.
I have not been to Jackson. Our family members were told (I would guess teasingly so) that I was seen in Jackson. That is another place that I stay away from if at all possible and I can safely say that not since this all started have I been to Jackson.
I do NOT have COVID-19. I had a spell and was taken by ambulance to the ER here in our home town where I was tested for COVID-19 as well as the flu and strep. I tested negative to all of the above.
Those are the major rumors and potentially the “most damaging for someone so up in years as myself.”
We worship at home via Facebook Live and will really be happy when our elders find out that it is safe once again to assemble at the building. Meanwhile we “attend” church services at McKenzie, Pineville, LA, Bruceton and Camden.
These are really different times, like none other than I have ever known.
How are other industries coping with the lockdown we are supposed to be in. Last summer we took AMTRAK. Are they still running or are they shut down? Or do they run a scaled back schedule.
Will Dollywood re-open? They are trying for May but who knows? That means the (former Dixie) Stampede is also closed. I would think all those good shows in Pigeon Forge, Branson and other areas are also closed. So are most beaches.
Here I sit at home. I could get used to trading daytime pajamas for nighttime pajamas. We are saving a lot of gas and eating healthier, although I am ready for the restaurants to reopen.
While I watch the numbers rise both on those infected and those who die worldwide I have to wonder with the virus originating in China, why Shanghai and Beijing do not seem to be affected.
When will it end? Months? Years? Ever? It is day-by-day.