Letter To The Editor: Keep the Faith


Dear Editor,
Our lives are turned upside down, but we will overcome. This virus has put the world into a coma, but we will awaken and rise again, just as Jesus did.
Our church doors are closed, but we the people are the church. Nothing, not the virus, not the devil, not any laws, will stop us from worshipping our savior. Some states will not even let us sit in our cars on parking lots at the required six to eight feet apart to just be closer to God’s people and other looking for Hope. What is the total difference of people going shopping at stores? To really top it off, what about the drive-thru liquor stores that sell alcohol that kills more innocent lives on the roads? That business is not a necessity. Those who have lost loved ones, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
The whole world is suffering from this virus, but it is not the time to be indifferent. What matters is survival. It is time to work together. The Pope said that we should stand united. Death is only temporary, but Heaven is everlasting for us. At least those who may not have phones for Facebook can watch church on television or listen on the radio. The virus can not stop that. We will not give up at all.
Have you thought of the Devil and what he is doing right now? He is having a heyday. He thinks he has won, but he is wrong. We all will make it. Hold on and keep the Faith. Prayer closes the distance. Prayer is Powerful.
Imogene Naylor