What day is it?


Most days since self-quarantine I wake up, make the coffee (after all, making coffee is a man’s job, it is biblical) and wonder what day it actually is. What in the bible says making coffee is a man’s job? That answer will come further down.
Monday was no problem since Sunday was Easter and Monday follows Sunday. That has not changed. And this Easter Sunday was a little different, and a lot quieter.
Most days I find myself halfway through the day before I realize I have not showered or shaved yet. Did I shower and shave today? Or was it yesterday? Is today Wednesday or Thursday? And does it really matter? Of course showering matters, shaving not so much.
Even the news channels are the same every day. Turn on the TV and the news has a few familiar faces up there – Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi or Dr. Fauci. Sometimes the dude from the W.H.O is on there defending his analysis during various stages of the COVID-19 crisis.
I have learned that I can get by with a lot fewer clothes. Since we wash so many loads I just dump in what I wore the day before and presto! It is clean again and ready to wear.
I have also learned that working from home doesn’t use much gas, if any, so we can go a month or more on a tank of gas. Not only that, but I filled up today for $19. And that was mid-grade. Regular was $1.01 per gallon. 
The new norm is to walk past the door leading into the garage and admire the car and try to think of how it felt to drive down the road. Most days the car doesn’t get moved at all.
Is this the “new normal”?  When the isolation ends will we go back to our old ways, throwing caution to the wind, or will we be forever stuck with social distancing and wearing masks and gloves, hoping we don’t come to a point where we actually have to interact.
Or, will great throngs of people go “hog-wild” and throw big events with lots of hugs and handshakes and stuff like that?
Time will tell.
Oh, and what is biblical about a man making the coffee? The 19th book of the New Testament… “Hebrews”. Haha.
Now there’s something light during this time of bad news.
I hope all cope with the social distancing. Gauging the number of cars at Walmart and Lowe’s, I’d say we could do a little better.
Here’s hoping for a speedy end to the COVID-19 dilemma.
And, read more local newspapers. Our news is not fake news.