News from the Enville Community of Chester County


with Jan Johnson

Hello from Enville. I hope that everyone had a good week and all is well with you.
We have had some nice weather, some rain and even some freezing temperatures in the early morning hours. I suppose this is dogwood winter since they are blooming. We will have another cold snap when we have blackberry winter sometime in May. Then after that, maybe the temperatures will level out, get warm and stay warm. We are ready to get our garden planted. We set out onions already, and they are coming up. We have our seeds and plants just waiting to get them out. I love fresh garden vegetables!
The Johnson Cemetery in Enville has some great folks who have taken over the upkeep of the cemetery. They have been working very hard, and it shows. They have mowed, weed-whacked, sprayed, cut down under brush and cleaned some monuments. It is an ongoing progress with more they had planned to do. It looks great! If you have a chance to drive up there, please do so. I think you will be pleased. If you have loved ones buried there and want to make a donation to the cemetery fund, please mail them to Nancy Kent Freeman, P.O. Box 144, Enville, TN 38332. Thanks to this group for volunteering your time and interest in the Johnson Cemetery.
Happy birthday wishes go to Gail Durbin on April 24, Donna Wade on April 25, Jake Gray on April 26, J.P. Glover on April 27, Scarlett Henley on April 29, Emilie Holder and D.B. Weatherington on April 30. Happy anniversary to Gerald and Phyllis Russom on April 25. We hope you all enjoy your special day!
Please continue prayers for Linda and Christy Phillips, Jean Crowell, Jo Marie Holmes, Florence Stublaski, Doris Weeks, Agnes Smith, Niecie Pearson, Mary Lee Guyon, Deb Finley, Casey Pratt, Jack and Tera O’Neal, Harold and Janice Maness, Ann Vanhoose, Dennis Harwell, Tim Harris, Steve Denbow, Neal Brewer, Roger and Sue Henson, Genny Sue Martin, Novelee Massengill, those who have lost loved ones, those affected by the coronavirus, those who have lost their jobs, our firefighters, first responders and law enforcement, our essential workers and medical staff and, as always, each other.
Chester County Schools are out for the rest of the year. There are no ball games or any other sports, nowhere to go and no vacations, but I hope that everyone is staying active and that the kids are keeping busy outside playing, doing outdoor chores or something fun like riding bikes, rangers or go-carts and swimming. Let us all keep praying that this pandemic will end soon and that we can get back to normal living. I am ready to get back with our breakfast group. Tommy and Linda Wade got home from their winter in Florida, but I have not seen them yet. Our friend Bo Jack Killingsworth made a stop in Enville. It was good to see him!
If you have news to share, call me at 688-5129, or if you want to rent the community center, call Pat at 688-5125.
Have a blessed week everyone!