News from the Montezuma Community of Chester County


with Gayle Cox

Cookies for Cancer has a big surprise for Mother’s Day! Several local restaurants are going to be giving us coupons to be give away. Here is how it works: place your dessert order, and upon pick-up you will reach into our Happy Basket and draw for one coupon to use at a Chester County Restaurant. Leave your mother’s name on the Beth Sappington Everitt Facebook or Chester County Bulletin Facebook page for a Wonderful Spring Arrangement donated by Essary’s Florist. Call your dessert order in to Betth Everitt at 731-658-6347. You can order 9×13 cakes or other desserts – 9” pies or four fired pies for $8 each. Cookies at $4 for two baker’s dozen and many varieties available. Call for more details and to place your orders now.
Montezuma sends out happy birthday wishes to Rachel Wooley on April 24, Noah Emerson on April 27, Joyce Riley and Lisa Plunk on April 28.
Montezuma sends out happy anniversary wishes to Danny and Nita Wade on April 29.
Please continue to pray for Doug Thomas, John Phillips, Linda Tacker, Buck Burkhead, Anthony Cooper, Faye Crouse, Nancy Thomas, Ed and Betty Morris, Ann Morrison, our country and our government. Please be in prayer for the families that have recently lost loved ones. We especially want to remember those families that are losing family members to the coronavirus and are not able to say their goodbyes or have proper burial services, all the men and women that are working throughout the healthcare industry to do their part in caring for the victims of this virus and police officers, firemen, military and others that are being exposed while doing their jobs.
We would love to have some new people get involved in working with us at the community center. Please call me at 608-2857 if you would like to join in.
Please call Betty Cooper at 879-9078 to book the use of the community center. Please send any noteworthy news you have to share in this column to or call me at 608-2857. Blessings to all of you until next time.