News from the Silerton Community of Chester County


with Mary Lynn Lambert

Matt Tyson, son of Randy and Donna (Howell) Tyson, needs prayers as he deals with a health issue. Joie Freeman, Brenda Cooper and Sarah Chandler continue to covet your prayers.
The Silerton community extends kudos to Bonnie Swift for cutting the grass around the town’s welcome signs. She has been doing this for several years, and her work is most appreciated. As each resident does a small part, our town becomes more attractive.
Since everyone is staying in and not communicating, I decided to call a few neighbors and see what they were thinking about the quarantine. Following are their comments.
Bobby Naylor mentioned that the quarantine has changed his life in many ways. He misses seeing his friends and not being able to go to church. He has been busy working on the farm, cutting limbs that interfere with the farm equipment. He related that he has a 1908 edition of the Sears Roebuck Catalog and has enjoyed browsing through it. He looks forward to when the quarantine lifts so he can have freedom to come and go as he chooses and return to eating out with friends.
Bill Siler states that the quarantine has kept him from attending church, going to Walmart and eating out at Burger King. When the quarantine lifts, he will be taking Vonda to Walmart to do her own shopping. He has watched a lot of television during this time. When the weather is warm, he enjoys sitting outside and enjoying country living. The things he has missed most is not being able to go to church and spending time with his granddaughter, Kirsten. Kirsten no longer comes for lengthy visits. She walks in wearing a mask with their groceries and stays for a very brief time.
Larry Lambert stated the obvious – the quarantine has interfered with his love for watching baseball. He has spent a lot of time working in the yard.
Even though he misses going out to eat, he admitted they have been eating healthier meals at home. He misses being able to visit friends and playing Spades and Dominoes with them. He, Anita and the dogs are getting in some daily walks. Not being able to watch the Atlanta Braves every night has been his biggest disappointment.
Becky Watkins said that the closure of the Southern Chic Spatique has been the biggest impact on her life. Because she is an independent contractor, she is considered self-employed. She was told the self-employed would be the last to receive stimulus money, so she definitely misses her paycheck. She looks forward to being back in the public and interacting with her clients and co-workers. She and her daughter, Brynlee, spend time outside each day, taking walks and playing. Her biggest disappointment is not being able to see family, especially on Easter Sunday.
I would appreciate if you would call and share some of your news and thoughts or memories so we can stay connected.