Are we ready to reopen?


By Dennis Richard

Our governor has said that our state can reopen in portions this week.
While I am really ready to enjoy going to restaurants, to get a haircut, to visit some folks and to attend church services, I am also cautious.
Those who do not wish to get out still have the option to stay home. I am ready for businesses to start having more reasons to advertise than just to say that they offer curbside services and deliveries.
As for us, we plan to stay inside until we see how it goes. We miss being together at the church building but walking to the living room for church services has its merits. We actually “attend” three or four worship services via the Internet. Then, we walk to the kitchen to the restaurant.
Most of the work that we do can be done from home, so that is a big plus. Company-wide payroll has been done from home online for more than a year now. That has not changed.
I walk to the post office (mailbox) to pay invoices. Those invoices come by email or fax.
How things go will determine how much we get out of the house. I still have not been to Walmart although I hear stories about how packed it is and how well the store handles those crowds to keep us all safe. I praise stores and employees for making supplies available.
I am anxious to read how our readers are handling reopening. I believe Tennesseans are smart enough to continue washing hands, wearing masks and practicing social distancing.
Stay safe and healthy. Read more newspapers.