News from the Jacks Creek Community of Chester County


with Patsy Nobles Jones

“The loss of a mother can never be replaced, but the love of a good mother can never be lost.”

Since I did not write for three weeks, I included deaths missed in this article. Love is love and loss is loss. Sympathy is expressed to families of Jeffrey Lynn Kitchen (3-9-71 to 5-1-20); Doris Jean Bingham McKinnon (5-4-36 to 5-3-20), beloved wife of faithful husband, Roy McKinnon of 63 years. Doris is celebrating her 84th birthday in heaven. Robert Neal Lynch (11-25-42 to 5-4-20); Emilia Gutierrez (4-27-20 to 4-27-20); Virginia Ann White Mosier (3-31-28 to 4-21-20); Nancy Ella Sikes Middleton (9-19-36 to 4-20-20); and Carol Day Shelton Childers (9-6-46 to 4-12-20).
There have been about 77 obits through April. The loss has been compounded by not being able to show emotional support for families going through loss of love. If you attend a funeral, show respect by NOT hugging or handshaking. Your presence shows your love and support.
Prayer for husband of my cousin Alice, Buddy Stovall. He will start rehab this week.
School graduations, birthday celebrations, family gatherings and all social activities have been hindered and basically deleted from our American life style for a number of weeks. However, one youngster, not a resident of Jacks Creek but of Henderson, had the surprise of his life on Sunday, May 3, as family made a special memory for his 18th birthday and upcoming 2020 graduation from Chester County High School. 
Family gathered for his favorite meal; a special designed cake with his picture on the icing was presented with inscriptions for his birthday and graduation. Special balloons and gift bags were enjoyed. Eli Thomas Drieling was surprised into tears of complete happiness and emotions when he was led into the back lawn of his grandmother’s home at Jacks Creek. Eli discovered a nice white 4×4 truck adorned with a large blue school-colored bow. The sign read, “Happy Birthday and congratulations from your family.” He had hopes for these “wheels” since he became 16. What a happy celebration for family by Eli’s sharing his joy and appreciation. He could not thank his family enough!
As Eli left to drive home, balloons gently and mysteriously released and entered high into the clouds. The family felt as though witnessing this was a beautiful blessed sign that Eli’s grandfather, Robert Waller, was also sharing family joy and love for Eli. Surely heartstrings and balloon strings were sent near the heavens for Granddaddy. Regardless, to the end, additional and special happiness followed – a blessed ending of a memorable celebration in 2020. All felt blessed in spite of our social distancing these weeks and were grateful for all that makes life happy. Grandma Juanita Waller just could not have experienced a happier memory than this one!
Happy birthday to Mandy Bayless (May 30, 1979); Kristen Denton Cates (May 8, 1980); and Axle Cates (May 8, 1979).
Tidbit: On April 12, 1861, the first battle of the Civil War – Battle of Fort Sumter in South Carolina – was fought. The war lasted four years. Thirty-three percent were immigrants with 10 percent Germanic heritage and 87 percent Irish; the rest were English, Italian, Polish Scottish and French. All together were fighting for their state rights.
Reminder: honey bees, butterflies and humming birds are in trouble. They need us; we need them. Without bees we have no food.
Mother’s Day is May 10 – “I love you more.” God bless all who have lost “Mothers” – no greater loss if your mother was a good one. Sadly, not all experience this great love. If your mother is far away send her flowers. It will make her happy. If your mother is deceased, take flowers to her grave to make it pretty for you. It will show a sign of love and lift your spirits. It is sad Decoration Day is different, but our hearts stay the same.
I heard the news on stores “opening up.” PLEASE consider showing a sign of love for mankind by wearing a mask while shopping. We need to show respect to those elderly and those with medical issues. A mask is a simple way to show you care. A reminder – call your family members, friends and neighbors, and do not forget to call assisted-livings and those in nursing homes with phones. We all need to hear the voice of LOVE. It helps depression stay at bay. Unexpected cards lift spirits, too. Thank you, Sharon Boothe, for wishing my ear gets better (no news written was the result of earache and two trips to doctor). The card was a nice surprise. I felt taller until I walked by the mirror.
Doesn’t the bottom quote suit all things listed above — remembering mourning families; sharing family celebrations; supporting animals rights; remembering wars and its victims; remembering good mothers; showing you care during the “C-Virus”; making phone calls and sending cards to loved ones; and remembering the “book of life” has your deeds listed. Smile – God is watching us. Make HIS day!

2020 VISION: “Let all that you do be done in Love” —- l Corinthians 16:14