Sunrise By David Coy: Struggle

David Coy

By David Coy

It is fair to say we are living in a time of extreme hardship. As such, society is involved in a great struggle. Struggle is one of the common denominators that link all of us together regardless of our station in life. Even Job understood the turmoil that man would have from birth throughout life. “A mortal born of a woman is of few days and full of turmoil.” (14:1) In Job’s personal account of his life’s difficulty in likeness with all people, he cries out, “Remember me.” It is the very same creator who told Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of long ago that he would remember them (Lev. 26:42). Frequently, we have heard the expression, “Oh, God,” used during times of shock and dismay. It expresses our horror in our circumstances, our depth of emotion and need. We have heard this expression even used by someone or perhaps ourselves as we struggle with life’s responsibilities. 
Certainly, it is heartbreaking to witness the destruction of the livelihood of so many. While it is encouraging that so many have sought to pull together to support those in need, at times it seems overwhelming and daunting a task. We are our brother’s keeper and should seek to continue assisting in whatever capacity is ours to give. Disappointments and reverses abound involving families, relationships, and work. We must take care of ourselves that we might be able to help others. With appropriate concern for our health and those we have influence with we may persuade others to heighten their level of concern for themselves and those around them, and so on. Grief is like any other concern, we tend to ourselves so that we may then look outside of ourselves and assist others around us who also are struggling. 
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